Connecting to server error in Apex Legends: All you need to know

Apex Legends (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Apex Legends (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends has a history of complaints regarding their servers. The player base was eager to play the game after Respawn launched the new Evolution Collection Event, with numerous limited-time cosmetics and the new Heirloom.

Within a few hours, players had trouble playing the game because they were unable to log in, or they’d get kicked out while queuing into the game. This is not the first time that players have been facing trouble with Apex Legends’ servers.

What is connection to server error in Apex Legends

When the Apex Legends game is trying to connect to their servers, sometimes certain elements interrupt the connection, without which the player cannot play the game. This error in connection to the server can be caused due to a variety of reasons that can be from the player’s or the developer’s end.

What causes server problem in Apex Legends

There are a myriad of reasons which could cause problems while trying to connect to the Apex Legends servers. The most common causal agent for this problem are bugs. These are minor glitches on the developer's end that can hinder connecting to the Apex Legends servers.

Another such problem could be an issue with the game client. If the game client has an issue, then connecting to the servers is unlikely. Sometimes the developers intentionally shut the servers down for maintenance and repair. Server maintenance is very common and is required for operating smoothly in the long run.

If your internet connection is slow, that might be another reason why it’s not connecting to the servers. Wired connection is always preferred to WiFi. Wired connection is more stable and therefore less likely to cause problems while connecting to the Apex Legends server. WiFi can be the reason for not being able to connect to the servers.

Generally, the player’s ISP provides the DNS settings. Sometimes, the DNS servers are down on the ISP’s end, which can be a reason for the server connection error.

While Respawn is aware of the issue at hand, here are some steps you can follow to try and fix the error.

We're still seeing an unusual amount of @playapex players timing out when attempting to connect to matches—our team will keep working until we've got things back to normal. We'll keep you posted.

How to fix the error

1) Reboot your console/PC and router

Rebooting your system and router will allow your system to establish a new connection to the server. If there is no issue on the developer’s end, this step should fix the connection to server error.

2) Check the network connection

Check the stability and speed of the internet connection. Slow internet speeds can be a reason for Apex Legends to either crash or show connection to server error. It is recommended to play with a wired connection set up.

3) Clearing the cache folder

If you play Apex Legends on PC, open the run dialog and type %ProgramData%/Origin. Delete all the files and folder except ‘LocalContent’. Essentially the game cache folder is cleared. This has worked for a few people who were complaining of connection to server error in Apex Legends.

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