Why players are excited about latest Shroomies update in Cookie Run: Kingdom

The Cookie Run: Kingdom developers always have something in store for April Fool's (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Cookie Run: Kingdom developers always have something in store for April Fool's (Image via Sportskeeda)

Cookie Run: Kingdom's iconic characters are a big reason behind the game gaining such a massive fanbase just a year after its release. This April 1, the developer has given a hilarious shock to fans by releasing the Shroomie Shenanigans update.

The cookies that users know and love will look entirely new for the next two weeks. Fans can read on to find out what the exact changes to cookies are and how fans are reacting.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Shroomie Shenanigans update — All users need to know


While initial rumors about the update suggested that all cookies will receive humanoid forms like last year's Ovenbreak April Fool's update, this is not the case. All cookies have something changed about the way they appear on gamers ' roster, from Tiger Lily receiving a full-scale Tiger behind her to GingerBrave getting rendered into a male anime character.

Devsisters soon released the full update, putting all rumors to rest and allowing the community to explore what the developers have cooked up for them in these updated designs of the cookies.

These new designs are part of the Shroomie Shenanigans update, live till April 14, where Poison Mushroom Cookie will grant users Shroomies (altered designs of cookies) as they complete a set of tasks.

A large part of the Cookie Run: Kingdom community involves fan art creators constantly reimaging what different cookies might look like. Many of the designs in this update are fan-created or inspired by fan art.

Fans react to new Cookie Run: Kingdom update

As the entire Cookie Run: Kingdom roster is nearly 70 unique characters, an update that reinvented the way all of them looked is getting a lot of reactions from fans.

While most designs are based around the character's general looks and storylines, some cookies have also been converted into abstract art.

Many fans are demanding that the new designs be made permanent, and speculation is still raging if this will materialize into anything.

Some hilarious memes are to be expected, with fans being given so much fresh content to play around with.

Humanoid designs are receiving the most praise, with Pomegranate and Frost Queen's new look being the talk of the town.

Chances of these designs being a permanent change to Cookie Run: Kingdom are slim, as similar updates have been released for other Devsister games without becoming permanent.

These were temporary events in celebration of particular events. However, such speculation cannot be completely dismissed, given that the CRK fanbase is much larger than all developer creations, including its parent game, Ovenbreak.

Fans can track this space for all the details on the latest CRK releases as they go out.

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