What is the best cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Tier lists keep changing in Cookie Run: Kingdom given the frequent release of new cookies (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tier lists keep changing in Cookie Run: Kingdom given the frequent release of new cookies (Image via Sportskeeda)

Cookie Run: Kingdom currently boasts a library of 65 playable characters. As a kingdom builder RPG with PvE and PvP aspects, each cookie brings a set of signature skills and fulfills a specific role in every team created by players.

This leads to a lot of intense debate on who is the "best" cookie. Of course, it is difficult for a single opinion to prevail as there are eight types of cookies, each equally important.

Best Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom in 2022


As mentioned earlier, there are eight types of cookies. These mainly revolve around DPS, Defense, Healing, and Support roles. The debate in the community around who is the best cookie firstly hinges on which categories are more replaceable than others.

A general conclusion is that there are good cookies in the Defense, Healing, and Support roles for every rank that can fulfill the needs of players at various ranks without much differentiation between them. The debate is then narrowed down to who is the best cookie in the one remaining category, i.e., DPS.

The best DPS character in Cookie Run: Kingdom is widely accepted as Frost Queen Cookie.

Frost Queen Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom — All you need to know


Her in-game description reads:

"Somewhere amidst endless snow stands the lone castle of ice. In its halls of perpetual twilight dwells Frost Queen Cookie, the sovereign of winter itself. Like a fairytale queen, she dazzles with regal magnificence, yet her icy gaze leaves your soul cold and dreary, like tundra after a relentless blizzard. Her Cookie heart with all its mortal hopes and passions is long but frozen, all but one: her adamant will to accomplish her mission. A mission of utmost importance to the existence of the world. Ages might pass, but the castle of ice will remain: and so will Frost Queen Cookie, the guide for the myriads of Life-bearing snowflakes."

Frost Queen Cookie features in the official backstory of Cotton Cookie. The latter's closest friend, Sherbet Cookie, was reduced to a snowy hazard by Frost Witch.

Sherbet Cookie's current form is too dangerous for Cotton Cookie to face. Frost Queen Cookie helped Cotton Cookie to communicate with Sherbet in his current form, thus allowing them to continue their friendship.

Frost Queen Cookie's attack, Freezing Squall, involves freezing all the enemies and dealing single hit DMG. When enemies freeze, their ATK cooldown is paused, and when they do eventually thaw, they are dealt an additional Freeze DMG.

Frost Queen Cookie is also immune to any interruptions when casting her attack. Her stats are:

  • 18-second base cooldown
  • Single hit DMG: 67.8% (+0.9% DMG per level upgrade)
  • Freeze Time: 2.0 sec
  • Freeze DMG: 271.2% of ATK (+3.6% DMG per level upgrade)

Voice of Frost Queen Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Frost Queen Cookie is voiced by famous social media influencer Cristina Vee. She is also a prominent figure in the Genshin Impact community.

Frost Queen Cookie is currently the most sought-after cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Her heartrending story and serious numbers make her a fan favorite, and rightly so. She also currently holds the well-deserved title of being the best cookie in the game.

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