Corinna Kopf takes flirting with Karl Jacobs to a whole new level 

Image via Corinna Kopf & Karl Jacobs
Image via Corinna Kopf & Karl Jacobs
Modified 04 Feb 2021

Corinna Kopf just made everyone on Twitter take a collective full stop by calling Karl Jacobs "daddy."

When they were flirting back and forth, it could have been seen as friendly or funny or just something for clout. Corinna's response to Karl was not only unexpected but mind-blowing because it legitimized all of the tweets these two love birds have been sending to each other.

Anyone following these two on Twitter could not have seen this coming. The tweets shared below describe exactly how everyone felt the second that the tweet came up.

It is not like fans should be surprised. There was always the off chance that this was all real but it is a surprise, nonetheless. This went from friendly flirting with allusions here and there to strong implications of lust.

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Karl was quick to respond with humor, but Corinna is not letting up. She continues to respond to him with clear intentions of making a relationship out of the situation.

It is plain to see from previous tweets that Karl is interested in Corinna Kopf. His responses have yet to be as heated as hers, but maybe he is just shy. Based on the continued escalation that is happening daily, Karl will have many more chances to show Corinna how serious he is.

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Corinna Kopf fans need to take a step back for Karl now

Karl has his group of fangirls and boys who want make Corinna look like she's out of her mind.

It is obviously not true, as the feelings that Corinna is putting out are mutual from Karl. He had gone out of his way to let Corinna know he is interested, as seen in his tweet from when this all started.

Corinna Kopf though, has an even greater number of admirers. They have been on life support since this fling started, and this might have been the killing blow. The tweets do not lie. This was a big hit to anyone hoping to be somehow noticed by Corinna.

Everyone supportive of the two hopes that this goes further because they are literally a tweet away from really falling in love.

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Published 16 Jan 2021
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