Corpse Husband & Emma Langevin's matching tattoos are breaking the internet

Corpse Husband and Emma Langevin get matching tattoos and break the Internet (Image via Sportskeeda)
Corpse Husband and Emma Langevin get matching tattoos and break the Internet (Image via Sportskeeda)
Riddhima Pal

Corpse Husband has been making the rounds in the news of late with all the drama around his alleged 'face reveal.' However, on a more positive note, he recently got matching tattoos with his friend, Emma Langevin, and the internet went berserk.

Corpse and Emma's friendship goes way back, starting with the former's popular music track, 'E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!'.

Corpse Husband and Emma Langevin get matching tattoos

Corpse Husband became famous during the Among Us craze in 2020. However, the streamer has also dabbled in several other fields. He began his YouTube career by narrating horror stories on his channel, and then went on to make music. His first popular track, E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!, featured Emma Langevin on the thumbnail of the YouTube video, thereby making her a part of the track.

Ever since the music video was released, Corpse Husband has become very close friends with influencer and comedian Emma Langevin, and has often streamed with her as well. In a previous stream, the duo decided that they would get inked together and it seems like the streamers have finally made good on that promise.

The two got matching tattoos of the popular webcomic, Pon and Zi. Both content creators got the cute tattoos on their ankles. Langevin even posted the original comic in the comments section of her tweet.

Many popular streamers like Valkyrae, Karl Jacobs, and many more expressed their excitement about the tattoos that Corpse and Emma got.

@emmalangevin @raempostor @Corpse_Husband @CORPSE @PonyLawson i remember you both talking about this hehe so glad its finished!! I LOVE IT!!! ;_;
@emmalangevin @Corpse_Husband @CORPSE I made u a cookie but I eated it
my angels :D

Fans are also pouring in their love and positive thoughts for the duo's matching tattoos.

@emmalangevin @CORPSE @Corpse_Husband @PonyLawson I'm gonna cry it feels illegal to be looking at corpse's ankle omg
@emmalangevin @Corpse_Husband @CORPSE @PonyLawson omg this is adorable mah heart pls 😭❤️
@emmalangevin @Corpse_Husband @CORPSE @PonyLawson You guys got matching tattoos?!😭😭 so cute!!!

Corpse Husband even posted about the tattoos on his story, and fans then promptly posted screenshots of the story on Emma's Twitter post.

@emmalangevin @CORPSE @Corpse_Husband @PonyLawson Off of Corpses story. They got matching tattoos. 😭😭🖤🖤

Creative fans of both the streamers have already started making fan art of the duo with their tattoos.

Corpse Husband and Emma Langevin's tattoos have won the hearts of people all over the Internet. The matching tattoos have brought forward a dose of nostalgia for all fans of Pon and Zi, and streamers and fans of the streamers are loving it.

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