Corpse Husband explains why Sykkuno is the only streamer he's met in real life

Corpse Husband and Sykkuno.
Corpse Husband and Sykkuno.
Rishabh B.

Corpse Husband spoke about his IRL meeting with fellow streamer/friend Thomas “Sykkuno” during a late March live stream.

The two content creators have developed a close friendship in the past year due to a plethora of “Among Us” streams that they regularly collaborated for. Corpse Husband initially said that he will “hand-deliver” his merchandise to Sykkuno.

True to his word, the faceless YouTuber posted a video on Twitter documenting the meet-up. In the video, Corpse Husband can be seen handing over a hoodie to Sykkuno.

After the meeting, Corpse Husband revealed quite a few details about his meet-up with Sykkuno. He explained that the two are similar in some ways and called the interaction “funny.”

Corpse Husband explains how he is similar to Sykkuno in real life

The initial interaction between Corpse Husband and Sykkuno had led to fans believing that a potential meet-up might be possible. However, in a later stream, Sykkuno claimed that Corpse ended up following up on his initial offer:

"He texted me and said you can either give me your address or I can hand deliver it to you and I said hand deliver it to me.. is that weird? Probably not right?"

This was enough to send fans into a frenzy, as Corpse Husband has not done a face-reveal, and none of his other content creator friends are known to have met him. On March 24th, Corpse posted the following clip on TikTok:

Speaking about the meetup, Sykkuno called Corpse Husband “nice,” and revealed that the YouTuber had ended up paying for the food. This was despite Sykkuno previously offering to take Corpse Husband “out for dinner.”

(Time-stamp: 1:25):

“Corpse is super-nice, he bought me food, so, he is super-nice and I think, he is a really good friend and I am really glad I met him. I am really lucky for that. It was really fun. I didn’t think he was actually gonna hand-deliver it to me, but there he was, he actually hand-delivered it to me!”

Hence, Sykkuno suggested that he enjoyed meeting his friend. In a later stream, Corpse Husband also spoke about the meeting:

"Me meeting Sykkuno in person is probably exactly what you thought it was going to be .I don't know how much I can talk about...but, so funny. We're both very, very awkward, reclused people . Um..we just ate pudding"

Hence, while Sykkuno did not reveal a lot of details about the meet-up, Corpse Husband said that the two ended up eating “pudding.” Corpse also talked about the similarities between the two, and said that they are both awkward people in real life. Regardless, meeting each other appears to have made the two streamers even closer.

Corpse had initially claimed that he hand-delivered the hoodie to Sykkuno out of his “pettiness”. For more information about his comments, the following article can be read.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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