Corpse Husband reveals he received death threats for posting blank tweet

Image concept via Zyari/Deviant Art
Image concept via Zyari/Deviant Art
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

During a recent stream, Corpse Husband revealed he received death threats for posting a blank tweet, which famously broke Twitter.

The YouTuber recently hosted an entertaining variant of Among Us called "drunk Among Us" alongside fellow streamers such as Sean William "Jacksepticeye" McLoughlin, Thomas "Sykkuno," Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter, and more.

While the stream had a host of memorable moments, it was Corpse Husband's revelation about receiving death threats for a harmless blank post that stood as a worrisome indicator of the rampant toxicity in today's digital age.

Sykkuno reacts to Corpse Husband receiving death threats


In the clip above, a segment from the stream plays, where Corpse Husband speaks about his recent Twitter post, consisting of him merely breathing.

As it usually tends to be with most of his posts, it succeeded in breaking Twitter yet again, as his loyal fan army could not get enough of it. However, the 23-year-old then revealed that he intentionally posted an audio of his breathing to trigger his haters, especially those who had been sending him death threats:

"I want all the Corpse people who are mad at Corpse to get mad at me breathing. I want them to literally get mad at it. When I did my blank tweet a long time ago, I got like death threats for tweeting a blank tweet. I want to see what they do for me breathing."

His revelation led to shock among his friends, especially Sykkuno, who tried his best to cheer him up with a hilarious light-hearted joke:

"What? That's kind of crazy Corpse; why are people like that? Well, they can't put death threats on a Corpse; yeah, I was trying to make you feel better by making a small joke!"

In light of Sykkuno's endearing attempt at cheering up Corpse Husband, fans took to Twitter to react to the duo's wholesomeness, as well as call out those who send death threats to the internet sensation:

While the wholesomeness of Sykkuno certainly helped lighten up the situation, the fact that personalities such as Corpse Husband receive death threats for merely going viral is an alarming trend that seems to be steadily on the rise these days.

As his fans and friends continue to support him, Corpse Husband can undoubtedly take solace in the fact that for every hater out there, he seems to have an army of supporters ready to have his back always.

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