Crafting in Fortnite Battle Royale makes absolutely no sense

Crafting in Fortnite makes absolutely no sense (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
Crafting in Fortnite makes absolutely no sense (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

The crafting system in Fortnite Season 6 was simultaneously received with skepticism and optimism. Despite allowing players to craft weapons, most sections of the Fortnite community have not been very happy or intrigued by the new crafting system.

Many players feel that the crafting system is very rudimentary and "Primal" in nature. Many features are missing, recipes are limited, and crafting feels more of a plan B than an actual feature that players will actively use.

Disclaimer: This is a subjective list based on the opinions of the writer.

Here are a few takes on Twitter regarding the same:

While players can craft primal weapons and items, the crafting system seems very limited and forced. Crafting in Fortnite Season 6 is not very inspiring. Players only turn to craft to get temporary weapons, including those easier to craft than loot.

To put it into perspective, players only craft when they can't find proper loot from chests, as floor loot is not great most of the time. In short, crafting doesn't really provide any added benefits to the weapons, and it certainly takes more time to collect materials than loot chests.

Only a handful of players, who want to try the new meta and snipe people using bows, will love the crafting systems. It rewards them with powerful bows such as the Mechanical Shockwave Bow and Mechanical Explosive bow.

For the time being, bows are probably the only reason why players turn to crafting. Apart from these overpowered bows, crafting other weapons doesn't seem worth the effort.

Why does the system feel rushed and incomplete in Fortnite?

While the developers have tried their best to implement crafting into the game and trying to stay true to the theme, the crafting system is currently more of an afterthought than an actual preplanned in-game system.

For starters, recipes are very limited. Apart from crafting a few odd items such as the Hunter's Cloak, the rest are just weapons that can be looted from chests, floor drops, and downed players.

Given that survival is the crux of Fortnite, the crafting system doesn't add much in terms of dynamics or diversity to the Primal theme. Players can't even craft a healing potion or shield regeneration potions, which are core features of any crafting system in survival games.

Many Reddit users have even pointed out that simple features such as cooking meat and crafting traps should have been added to the game. Despite traps being disliked by most of the Fortnite community, it would make a lot of sense in Fortnite Season 6.

The lack of dynamic crafting and recipes are telltale signs that a crafting system was an afterthought.

Perhaps, Epic chose this route to keep things simple. However, given that Fortnite players have numerous items to choose from and use, reducing the crafting system to keep it as simple as possible makes no sense.

There's no doubt that Epic will add more recipes in the future, but by then, the Fortnite community might not even be interested in crafting.

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