“Craziest sh*t ever”: Trainwreck uses Nickmercs’ grandmother to end controller vs mouse and keyboard debate

Trainwreck claims to have witnessed the “holy grail” of controller vs mouse and keyboard debates (Image via Trainwreckstv/Twitter)
Trainwreck claims to have witnessed the “holy grail” of controller vs mouse and keyboard debates (Image via Trainwreckstv/Twitter)

Tyler Faraz “Trainwreck” Niknam has seemingly formed a damning argument in the never-ending controller vs. mouse and keyboard debate, much to others’ surprise.

He seemed convinced on who the real winner of the debate was after witnessing Nicholas “Nickmercs” Kolcheff’s grandmother pick up a controller and score a kill in the most bizarre way possible.

Trainwreck claims Nickmerc’s grandmother scored a kill without looking at monitor

Trainwreck has declared that the controller wins in his book after making an odd yet seemingly-real claim on his Twitter account earlier today.

i just saw the CRAZIEST shit ever, the HOLY GRAIL of the m&k vs controller debate, Nicholas “Mercs” Kolcheff handed his grandmother a controller to try apex, she wasn’t even looking at the right monitor, tapped the shoot button, & the bullet STILL found the target dummy’s head

The streamer supposedly witnessed Nickmercs’ grandmother pick up a controller and shoot a training dummy while playing Apex Legends while she was facing the wrong monitor.

Nickmercs replied to the tweet cryptically, supposedly confirming that the act had happened.

While it seems nearly impossible, many FPS games utilize a soft auto-aim mechanic for those who play with controllers to make it easier to shoot. It allegedly helps to put controller players on equal footing with mouse and keyboard players.

Through this mechanic, if Nickmerc’s grandmother was already aiming close enough to the dummy, it is possible that the aim was adjusted sufficiently for her to hit it spot on.

Nickmercs and Trainwreck are well acquainted with one another. Earlier this year, the former hosted an Apex Legends tournament sponsored by Electronic Arts (EA). Trainwreck was supposed to have participated but was barred due to his “gambling streams,” as reported by Tyler himself.

@EA just told nickmercs i can’t play in his EA sponsored apex tournament because of my gambling streams

Nickmercs later clarified that he wasn’t given exact reasoning by the EA representative who informed him but assumed that the gambling streams that Trainwreck regularly partakes in were why.

Regardless, the two are still on good terms, as evidenced by the Twitter interactions they had earlier today. They frequently pull each other’s legs and are said to be very close.

Trainwreck is a popular gambling streamer on Twitch, while Nickmercs is another popular streamer on the platform and co-owner of the esports and gaming group FaZe Clan.

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