Crescent Pike vs Dragonspine spear: What is the best F2P weapon for Rosaria in Genshin Impact?

(Image via Genshin Impact)
(Image via Genshin Impact)

Rosaria has finally been released in Genshin Impact, and players have been trying, and testing builds to make the new 4-star character shine.

While some are opting for a Cryo sub-DPS build, many are focused on making Rosaria their physical main DPS carry. If players wish to follow this build path, choosing the right weapon for the task may be difficult.

Here is the breakdown of the two options players have.

Which F2P spears should Physical Rosaria use in Genshin Impact?

There are several options for F2P spears in Genshin Impact, but many who are building Rosaria would like to focus on her strong physical damage dealing ability. When it comes to dealing physical damage, there are two main kings in terms of spears: Crescent Pike and the Dragonspine Spear.

Both of these spears seem strong on Rosaria, but the more powerful one can be easily seen through testing.

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Dragonspine Spear

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(Image via

The Dragonspine spear is a spear that many Genshin Impact players are familiar with due to receiving one as part of a questline in Dragonspine. This spear's effect releases an Everfrost icicle onto enemies after damaging them with normal or charged attacks, and this icicle deals AOE physical damage.

This damage starts at 80% of a player's Attack stat but raises to 140% at refinement 5. Where this weapon shines on Rosaria is due to the Icicle's synergy with Cryo.

When an opponent is affected by Cryo, the AOE will increase to up to 300% at refinement 5. This is a sizeable chunk of damage and can seem like a huge boost in DPS.

Crescent Pike

(Image via
(Image via

The Crescent Pike is also a familiar face to most Genshin Impact players who have crafted any Spear Prototypes. The Crescent Pike is definitely one of the stronger F2P spears in the game on characters like Xiangling due to its powerful multi-hit passive.

After picking up an Elemental Particle, characters equipped with this spear have a chance to deal an additional attack every time they land a Normal attack. This extra damage will deal up to 40% of their Attack stat at refinement 5. This weapon is exceptional for Rosaria due to her Elemental Burst providing plenty of Elemental Particles for her to collect.

Which Physical spear is best for Rosaria in Genshin Impact

(Image via Mihoyo )
(Image via Mihoyo )

While the Dragonspine Spear may tempt Genshin Impact players with its strong passive, its passive doesn't provide nearly as many bonuses as the Crescent Pike.

The Crescent Pike outperforms the Dragonspine Spear in almost every area, making it the top physical damage weapon for spear users. The Crescent Pike's passive provides much more consistent damage, along with synergizing with Rosaria's kit very well.

The Dragonspine Spear's passive really only comes into effect when enemies are very clumped together, but the AOE of the icicle is just too small to make a large difference in a battle. Players should stick with the Crescent Pike on this powerful spear user.

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Genshin Impact players who want to build Rosaria as their main physical DPS should definitely take advantage of the strong F2P weapon, the Crescent Pike.

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