CS2 community baffled over a player immune to molotovs

Fireproof CT in CS2
Fireproof CT in CS2 (Image via Valve)

CS2 has been far from perfect; despite Valve patching things left and right, the game is still riddled with bugs and glitches. Some are minor and honestly funny and some are just game-breaking. These bugs are for sure bad for the game, but the players' reactions and the community are truly incredible.

The determination of the CT to diffuse the bomb, unfazed by the flames around him is truly a sight to behold. Watching the other CT player die to the same flame in the background makes the clip even funnier. A new update always gets everyone excited for the game and the new starts and plays that come with it. But clips like this are bound to pop up sooner or later.

This clip posted by Reddit user u/orbiturus of the fireproof CT has made quite an impression on Reddit and has the whole community cracking jokes.

Reddit users u/All_in_and_GG, u/KPgameTV, and u/Dankkring have voiced their opinions in the comments section. While u/KPgameTV and u/Dankkring have opted to criticize the game, u/All_in_and_GG chose to poke fun at the whole ordeal.

Fans react to the fireproof CT clip (Image via Reddit)
Fans react to the fireproof CT clip (Image via Reddit)

Many like u/Adevyy have tried to reason with this absurdity. The decreased area of the Incendiary may have had a part to play in this and the odd layout of the site could not have helped either.

Comment byu/orbiturus from discussion incs2

Molotovs spreading in Counter-Strike has always been a matter of luck - just ask anyone who got a Molotov thrown at them in Banana on Inferno. Whatever may have caused this anomaly, what u/neuro_convergent has commented perfectly sums up how the community is reacting to all of this tomfoolery.

Comment byu/orbiturus from discussion incs2

CS2 and bugs go hand in hand

It sucks when the game just does not want you to clutch the round. That Molotov landed damn near perfectly and still the diffuse went through without any issues for the CT. Talk about getting CS: GO'd in CS2.

This is not the first instance of bugs like this in CS2. In January of 2024, we saw a bug that lets players drop the bomb off the map, making it impossible to reach. Stuff like this will surely keep popping up on r/cs2 as players encounter more and more hilariously broken bugs that are worth sharing with everyone.

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