Deadly locations to avoid in Among Us

(Image Credit: Innersloth)
(Image Credit: Innersloth)

There are a number of high-risk locations in Among Us that are notoriously common locations for crewmates to die and Imposters to thrive.

The highest risk locations all share a few common features; they usually feature an easy escape, have low traffic, and are easy to create alibis for. However, there are some simple ways to avoid getting killed at a risky spot that can help any crewmate last a bit longer at the start.

What are the most deadly locations in Among Us?

By now, frequent Among Us players know that The Skeld’s electrical room is one of the easiest places to get killed in. This room has the perfect mix of traits that makes it incredibly easy to kill crewmates in. It has a vent, another vent that breaks line of sight, and a sabotage that can pull players to it. In addition to all that, there are up to four tasks in the back end of electrical, right on top of the vent no less.

On The Skeld, it’s almost trivial for an imposter in Among Us to vent into the location, see someone doing a task, snag a quick kill and vent back out. With the lack of security cameras in that area, it’s highly likely that no one will even know who was around electrical at the time.

But this room is one which most playgroups eventually learn to handle on their own out of simple necessity. It’s not uncommon for some Among Us playgroups to see a crewmate or two waiting outside of the electrical room for enough people to go in safely.

Other high risk locations include the communications room on The Skeld, the weapons and communications room on Polus, and the greenhouse and reactor wing on MIRA.

How to avoid dying in a high risk location in Among Us

It’s not always possible to avoid having to go into a high-risk location, but there are certain steps you can take to stay safe. It should be stated that there is no perfect and foolproof strategy to never get killed in Among Us, as imposters can always adapt their own tactics as well. Nevertheless, these should help anyone who dies too often in these locations.

The first and most obvious strategy is to avoid entering any high risk location alone. While excessive grouping can be frowned upon in some Among Us playgroups, sometimes it’s better to wait outside somewhere and get a crewmate to tag along for a task to have a witness present. This runs the risk of going into someplace with an imposter, but even that is better if another player can identify the imposter and unfortunate victim as being together recently.

Alternatively, if it doesn’t seem possible to get someone to tag along in your Among Us group then consider simply ignoring that task entirely. Sometimes a crewmate can be more useful keeping watch on the other players than risking death to complete a task.

Lastly, if it doesn’t look possible to do that either, then simply “speedrunning tasks” can be the best hope for avoiding death. Sometimes it’s best to accept that a certain place can’t be avoided and must simply be completed as quickly as possible. Of course, surviving in this case should be seen as more of a luxury than a likelihood.

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