Destiny 2 community wants a rework to the Eyes of Tomorrow 

Eyes of Tomorrow raid exotic Rocket Launcher (Image via Bungie)
Eyes of Tomorrow raid exotic Rocket Launcher (Image via Bungie)
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It has been well over a month since the release of Destiny 2's 30th anniversary patch. With the event going live, the community got their hands on one of the most famous weapons in the franchise, Gjallarhorn. The exotic Rocket Launcher can be easily acquired by players who own the Anniversary pack after clearing the new dungeon.

Have you received your Gjallarhorn yet?

However, with the ridiculous damage output of Gjallarhorn, players wondered about the importance of raid exotics in the game. Raid exotics are expected to perform far better than normal ones, as they have a narrow drop chance alongside the requirement of beating a whole raid.

With the arrival of Destiny 2 Witch Queen, a question arose regarding the raid exotics being on par with Vex Mythoclast. This is where the Year 4 Deep Stone Crypt weapon, Eyes of Tomorrow, came in. Similar to Gjallarhorn, it is an exotic Rocket Launcher that has some underwhelming stats.

Eyes of Tomorrow Rocket Launcher feels underwhelming, according to Destiny 2 players

Players can get the Eyes of Tomorrow by completing the raid, Deep Stone Crypt. However, the drop is not guaranteed, as some have claimed it to be more punishing than Vex drop from Vault of Glass.

With over five encounters in the raid and less than a 10% chance of getting the weapon, the community wonders whether the grind is worth it.

The Eyes of Tomorrow comes with two special intrinsic perks - Eyes on All and Adaptive Ordnance. One can track and fire multiple enemies at the same time, while the other increases the weapon's damage after four kills with a single projectile.


However, a Reddit user, who goes by the name u/whimsybandit, uploaded their idea of buffing the exotic Rocket Launcher on Destiny's subreddit. The post goes into detail about how the weapon itself has the lowest DPS output in PvE against bosses.

So instead of changing the damage perspective, the user suggests changing the name of the Eyes on All perk to Godlike Judgment.

Eyes of Tomorrow Raid Exotic from Destiny 2 is amazing?!Call us the Loot Queen. 👑

The proposition also includes a catalyst to the mix, which will refund ammo on kills with Adaptive Ordnance. The Destiny 2 community has been against the overall approach of Bungie towards the Eyes of Tomorrow for quite some time now.

While it feels very underwhelming as a raid exotic, it can't even compete with a non-raid exotic weapon such as Gjallarhorn inside high-tier PvE activities.

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