The upcoming Vex Mythoclast nerf in Destiny 2 could seal its worth for the near future

Vex Mythoclast fusion rifle (Image via Bungie)
Vex Mythoclast fusion rifle (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2 has numerous exotic weapons to choose from. Ranging from a variety of perks to elements, including stasis, balancing the rarest of weapons with a running sandbox takes a lot of work. Even though each exotic weapon takes up almost the entire function of a fireteam, there are still some that tend to underperform under certain conditions.

Alongside a huge anniversary update in January, Destiny 2 players will be bracing for two major nerfs. Shatterdive and the recently announced Vex Mythoclast will be tuned down. Bungie's community manager dmg04 confirmed the news on Twitter by saying the raid-exclusive fusion rifle has been feeling a bit "hot".

Bungie's community manager confirms nerf on Vex Mythoclast with Destiny 2 Anniversary patch

Being a raid-exclusive weapon, there are still many players in the Destiny 2 community that have yet to get their hands on the Mythoclast. With very underwhelming initial results during the early days of the revamped Vault of Glass, Vex Mythoclast did not perform as well as a raid weapon. Fast forward six months later, and the weapon is now possibly the best PvE gear in the game.

Re: Mythoclast feeling a bit "hot"Team is looking at toning down Mytho in the December patch. Goal isn't to nerf into the ground, but some tuning is felt to be in order.Once we have more info, we'll let y'all know.

A few hours ago, Bungie's community manager dmg04 took to Twitter and stated that the team is looking at "toning down Mytho" in the December patch." He also added that the goal wasn't to "nerf it to the ground" but some tuning felt to be in order. It obviously raises a lot of questions as the weapon seems to be at the top of the world right now.

Vex Mythoclast with Particle Deconstruction and the recent damage buff in Destiny 2 PvE can melt Champions, even inside Grandmaster Nightfalls. Certain other buffs, such as the Catalyst or even Titan's Path of Burning Steps can buff up the numbers against combatants in PvE.

hot take: vex mythoclast nerf is okay

As mentioned before, at least half of the community still hasn't got the exotic raid Fusion Rifle, even after 50 runs. Whether the change is too early or at just the right time, only future updates can tell. Going by dmg04's tweet, however, it is unclear whether the term "hot" was used referring to the gun's caliber in PvE, or PvP, or both.

The community can only hope for the nerf to be as minimal as possible and doesn't send the weapon back to its initial days. In addition, the Destiny 2 Anniversary patch will also see the Hunter Revenant Aspect, known as Shatterdive, getting nerfed.

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