Destiny 2 Forsaken and Tangled Shore will be vaulted from Witch Queen 

Destiny 2 Forsaken character, The Spider (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Forsaken character, The Spider (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2 will be up for another content vaulting, as a recent blog post by Bungie reveals details for the upcoming expansion, Witch Queen.

Content vaulting was introduced with the Beyond Light expansion, where central characters, accessible locations, and activities were taken away. This was done in exchange for new strikes, raids, and an entirely new place, alongside a story narrative.

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The main reason behind this is usually to avoid excessive storage size of the game data. Destiny 2 Beyond Light came close to having itself exchanged with the cost of almost 80% of the existing content. Thankfully Bungie kept a few things from Year 2 and deleted virtually everything prior.

Destiny 2 Forsaken and Tangled Shore to be vaulted starting next year

Starting February 22, 2022, Guardians will no longer be able to access any content on Tangled Shore. This includes the Forsaken campaign, Presage Exotic Quest, and even Harbinger Exotic Mission on EDZ.

Dreaming City and Warden of Nothing strike are exceptions in this case, even though both of them were introduced in Destiny 2 Year 2 with Forsaken.

Bungie addresses further by saying that vaulting content will allow them some space to launch Witch Queen. The upcoming expansion will include:

  • The Throne World destination.
  • Weapons crafting.
  • Legendary campaigns.
  • Archetype weapons for Glaive.
  • Four additional seasons all packed with Destiny 2's Year 5.
BREAKINGThe Forsaken Campaign and Tangled Shore will be Vaulted on February 22nd!

While Year 4 content will be getting vaulted, certain activities from this year will stay, going into Year 5. This will include the Destiny 2 Proving Grounds strike and the Battlegrounds activity. Starting in February, Guardians will be able to access these strikes and actions via a separate playlist known as "Vanguard Operations."

The Warden of Nothing strike will also be available to all players for free. The primary vendor for currency exchange, Spider, will bid farewell. Guardians will be able to access the same feature on the engram vendor at the Tower known as Master Rahool.

3 Years ago today, @Bungie revealed Destiny 2: Forsaken at E3! June 11th, 2018. 🥺 Cayde. #Destiny2

The entire Destiny 2 campaign of Forsaken will be available to all the Guardians for free starting December 7, 2021, until February 22, 2022. Players can relive the backstory of Crow, Uldren Sov, and the death of Cayde-6 for one last time.

In addition, the "Forsaken pack" will be available for purchase starting December 7 of this year, which will grant players access to the Last Wish raid and the Shattered Throne dungeon.

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