Destiny 2: Ignition Code Stats and Perks for PVE and PVP Rolls

Image Credits: Wallpaper Cave
Image Credits: Wallpaper Cave

Season of the Splicer has brought lots of new things to Destiny 2, including unique armor, devastating weapons, and rewarding quests, which carry the game to the next level.

One of the main weapons added to the game that guardians can't stop talking about is the Kinetic Grenade Launcher named Ignition Code.

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Image Credits: Fanbyte
Image Credits: Fanbyte


The weapon's statistics look fairly powerful with 35 Stability, 68 handling, 75 velocity, and 55 for the blast radius. It's a singlehanded grenade launcher with a rate of fire of 90 rpm with one round in the chamber. Besides Mountaintop, this is becoming one of the more famous Kinetic Grenade Launchers and expands an area of the Destiny 2 arsenal that Bungie hasn't looked at much.

Where To Get It In The Destiny 2 World

Like the majority of weapons in Destiny 2, players can grab this one from a random loot drop at the end of the Override Activity that came in with the Season of the Splicer. It's not uncommon to find this weapon on the first run and is a good reward due to how few kinetic grenade launchers there are.

PVE Rolls/Perks

Ambitious Assassin and Vorpal Weapon are a good combination when facing hoards of enemies since Ambitious Assassin overflows the magazine based on the number of rapid kills before being reloaded. It should be taken every time you drop into a PVE zone. Frenzy and Surplus are also decent choices when relying on weapons for the bulk of the attack. Among the two pairs, Vorpal Weapon sides well with the Demonlitionist perk.

PVP Rolls/Perks

One of the best perks to take against other players is Quickdraw. Hastily swapping to a high AOE weapon, such as Ignition Code, can give guardians the ability to take down surprise visitors from unseen areas. Dangerzone is also great for PVP when other guardians flank you and strafe in your blindspots. Having this weapon in your back pocket with the right perks can add a lot of lethality to your matches.


Ignition Code is such a clean-looking weapon. Its sleek design emits an aura of power and efficiency. Thankfully, Season of the Splicer added quite a few weapon modifications to Destiny 2, and a good chunk of them make the grenade launcher a much more viable weapon. It's definitely a weapon to pick up if possible, though it may not make the S tier list.

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