Will Destiny 2 Season of the Lost epilogue happen in the next weekly reset?

Destiny 2 Dreaming City during a cursed week (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Dreaming City during a cursed week (Image via Bungie)
Soumyadeep Banerjee

After an eventful day where Sony bought Bungie for $3.6 billion, the Destiny 2 community has been assured about the future contents of the looter-shooter. It is safe to say that Bungie will be acting independently, as there has been no indication of any platform exclusivity, at least until 2024.

As things stand right now, players have exactly three weeks before The Witch Queen arrives. While Season of the Lost still has its fair share of story content left, now might be a good time for Bungie to make it live.

BREAKING:I have received a leaked internal report of how Bungie will utilize the Sony Revenue within Destiny 2:

Additionally, Destiny 2 will also be undergoing maintenance right before the scheduled weekly reset on February 1, 2022. With numerous speculations about the epilogue being deployed in the upcoming week, Bungie might take their time with this.

Destiny 2 epilogue to Season of the Lost needs to happen soon

The fact that the epilogue to Season of the Lost is a full-fledged quest certainly raises some concerns. Since there has never been anything from Bungie regarding the last mission of Season 15, one can only hope for the finale to end on a high note.


In the final mission, Mara Sov is supposed to perform an exorcism meant to purify and cleanse the Dreaming City once and for all. However, with Savathun locked up in Mara's chambers, there are still a couple of important points that need to be addressed before The Witch Queen.

  • Was Savathun killed and spawned in her Throne World, or did she escape?
  • How did Savathun get hold of the Light?

There is also the situation with Osiris, who became a part of the deal. While a few leaked voice lines do confirm his status as alive, it is still unknown whether there will be a separate mission, exotic rewards, or just a single cut-scene.

There are also no signs of a live event similar to Warmind and Traveler's healing. But seeing a huge Hive Worm getting exorcized by the Awoken Queen and the Techeuns won't be so bad either.

A Reddit user by the name of alec_fielding cross-referenced the real-life winter solstice and Destiny 2's weekly reset. Bungie might take this as a reference and make it happen this Tuesday, February 1, 2022. Watch this space.

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