"Winston main, GTA RP loser": Destiny roasts xQc who called him for relationship advice during Twitch stream

Destiny roasts xQc by giving him an advice (Images via xQcOW/Twitch and Destiny/Twitch)
Destiny roasts xQc by giving him an advice (Images via xQcOW/Twitch and Destiny/Twitch)

The hilarious interaction took place on Twitch streamer Destiny’s stream earlier today. Steven Kenneth Bonnell II, famously known as Destiny, was enjoying the game Rust when he got an unexpected call from one of the most famous Twitch streamers, xQc.

The unexpected call had everyone turning their heads. As the call continued, Steven roasted xQc who had called him up for relationship advice during the Twitch stream.

"You sad as f**k, Winston main, GTA RP loser motherf***er.”

xQc is roasted by Destiny as he seeked an advice during the stream

Steven had been livestreaming for nine hours, playing different games like League of Legends and Rust. He was playing Rust for five hours when, almost at the end of his stream, he received a discord call from the fellow Twitch streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel.

As xQc joined the call, Steven asked him why he had joined the call:

“What do you want?”

xQc in a polite manner asked him that he was seeking advice:

“I'm looking for advice, please.”

The streamer’s duo partner in Rust responded to xQc and said:

“Go ahead X, I am happy to help.”

Félix then went ahead with his question and asked that:

“Okay umm, the problem that i have is that um.. I am too handsome, s**y and successful and rich and whenever I go to places like a club or something, all the women are so after me that I end up drowning in p****y and having a safety hazard. Have any advice?"

Destiny took a moment to analyze what xQc just said. After a pausing for a second, he said:

“Umm.. if you need like a.. better perspective on your life, I would say try making a Tinder account and don’t tell anyone that you’re xQc.”

After that point Steven hit back at xQc, and said he would be a "GTA RP loser" without his streaming career:

“And then you can see how much of a f***ing virgin, loser f**k you would be. Okay? Sans your f***ing streaming career.”

After Steven concluded his “advice,” xQc responded back by saying:

“Okay, thank you for the advice man!”

The streamer concluded the clip by after the three exchanged a couple of "good luck" and "goodbye." After the interaction, Steven went on and continued to play Rust.

Audience reacts to the hilarious interaction

Users on Reddit were astonished to see how Steven had reacted and gave roasting advice to xQc’s question.

Destiny is a 33-year-old American Twitch streamer and YouTube personality who is known for his opinions on topics such as politics, philosophy and religion. He has been closely associated with other personalities like Hasan Piker. He currently has 694k followers on Twitch and 403k subscribers on YouTube, where he uploads his content on a daily basis.

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