Diablo 4 “Queued for login 120 minutes/2 hours left” error: Possible fixes, reasons, and more

Diablo 4 “Queued for login 120 minutes/2 hours left” error (Image via Diablo 4)
Diablo 4 “Queued for login 120 minutes/2 hours left” error (Image via Diablo 4)

The Diablo 4 early access beta is not exactly off to a great start as players not only have to face multiple performance issues and error codes but are also made to wait for 120 minutes (two hours) just to log into the game.

As the RPG is in its early access beta it’s not surprising that it’s having so many performance issues. This is one of the reasons why there is no permanent fix to the solution till Blizzard comes out with a patch or fixes some of the connectivity issues that the community is having with the servers.

While you can choose to wait out the two-hour timer for the game, some community members have come up with some temporary workarounds that might just reduce the wait time a fair bit.

Therefore today’s guide will go over some of the ways that you can deal with the “Queued for login 120 minutes/2 hours left” error in Diablo 2.

Diablo 4 “Queued for login 120 minutes/2 hours left” error


As mentioned, there really is no permanent solution that you can look for when it comes to dealing with the exponentially massive queue time in Diablo 4 early access beta. However, here are a few workarounds that you can try to deal with the issue and try having a faster login time in the game.

1) Wait for times with lesser traffic volumes

The queue time in the RPG occurs when there is a high traffic surge that the game’s servers are facing in your region. Hence, the best solution for this will definitely be to wait it out till the log-ins have decreased considerably and the servers can once again have some empty slots.

Additionally, Blizzard can look to increase server volumes for each region during the beta testing phase. So if it indeed opts for it, the developer will be putting out an official notice for it.

Hence, to log into Diablo, you will either have to wait for lesser traffic periods or the servers to have more slots.

2) Restart the game

Restarting Diablo 4 seems to have worked for many in the community. Irrespective of the platform that they are enjoying the title on, restarting the game seems to have considerably brought the queue time down for some players.

Hence, it’s one step that you can look to opt into as honestly, you have nothing else to lose after being hit by a two-hour wait time.


3) Disabling your VPN software

Another reason why you may be facing an abnormally high queue time is due to the use of VPN software and proxy servers. Hence, you might need to disable them before re-logging back into the game. There is a chance you may be presented with a much lesser queue time.

4) Restarting your router

Changing your internet gateway and doing away with some of the accumulated caches might work to reduce the queue time error in Diablo 4 early access as well. Hence, restarting your internet router might just do the trick if all else fails.

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