Disguised Toast gets hilariously stream-sniped by Sykkuno on GTA RP during Twitch return stream

Disguised Toast got stream-sniped by Sykkuno during his Twitch return stream. (Image via Disguised Toast)
Disguised Toast got stream-sniped by Sykkuno during his Twitch return stream. (Image via Disguised Toast)
Rishabh B.

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang was hilariously stream-sniped by fellow streamer Thomas "Sykkuno" during his Twitch return stream.

Toast recently returned to Twitch after spending two years streaming on Facebook Gaming. Disguised Toast signed the exclusive deal after leaving Twitch back in November 2019.

On November 24, the streamer announced his return to Twitch via an amusing video that he posted on Twitter. Sykkuno was especially excited as he ended up stream-sniping Disguised Toast in the middle of the GTA RP stream.

Disguised Toast gets stream-sniped by an excited fan during his Twitch return stream

After making the announcement about his return to Twitch, Disguised Toast posted a five-hour livestream on the platform. The streamer decided to play on NoPixel’s GTA RP server to mark his move back to the purple platform. Toast was exploring the GTA Online map when Sykkuno decided to stream-snipe him.

He drove past Disguised Toast’s character while screaming the following:

“Toast is back on Twitch, let’s go!”

The streamer immediately closed his map in order to spot the stream-sniper. However, Sykkuno had already driven away. Disguised Toast was left pleasantly surprised and bursting with laughter. Toast had been teasing fans for a number of weeks, but had not revealed any information about the platform on which he planned to return.

The streamer appeared on Miyoung “Kkatamina “ Kim’s livestream on November 22 to ask viewers the following question:

“You think I should go to YouTube or Twitch, guys?”

He also claimed on November 24 that he had not even informed his mother about the platform on which he was planning to make his livestreaming return. Toast finally made the announcement earlier today via a video posted on Twitter. The streamer walked in with a gym bag bearing the Twitch logo.

Hence, Sykkuno and Toast's fans can be forgiven for being overtly excited about his Twitch return. Disguised Toast roleplays a homeless character named Amon Gus on NoPixel’s GTA RP server. Gus suffers from amnesia and short-term memory loss, and has a skittish personality.

Edited by Sabine Algur
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