Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: Unlocking new Biomes and collecting Dreamlight

Disney Dreamlight Valley contains numerous biomes to check out (Image via Gameloft)
Disney Dreamlight Valley contains numerous biomes to check out (Image via Gameloft)

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a new life-sim adventure game that allows players to carve out a living amidst various Disney and Pixar characters. Like Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, players will have access to a hub world where they will have their own house, alongside popular fictional characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy.

Unlike Animal Crossing, in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can access more than just one location, as the hub world consists of eight different areas. Aside from the main Plaza, these are known as biomes with each consisting of a distinct geographical feature, such as a sandy beach, a desert, and a snowy tundra.

This guide will walk you through the currency you’ll require to unlock each of these biomes, how to unlock them, and gain access to the entire hub world in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

All the biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley


The first biome you’ll unlock just about an hour into the game is Peaceful Meadow, where you can find Goofy and Merlin’s house. This is unlocked for free, so you won’t have to use any currency to access this one, although for further unlocks, you will need Dreamlight to gain entry to new areas.

The first time you’ll use Dreamlight is when you unlock the Dream Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s main quest, “The Dream Castle.” After completing this quest, you’ll have to purify the Pillar of Friendship, upon which you will be free to unlock all the other biomes in the game.

The Glade of Trust (Image via Gameloft)
The Glade of Trust (Image via Gameloft)

All the available biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley are listed below, alongside their Dreamlight requirements, which you will need to meet to unlock.

  • Peaceful Meadow - Free
  • Dazzle Beach - 1,000 Dreamlight
  • Forest of Valor - 3,000 Dreamlight
  • Glade of Trust - 5,000 Dreamlight
  • Sunlit Plateau - 7,000 Dreamlight
  • Frosted Heights - 10,000 Dreamlight
  • Forgotten Lands - 15,000 Dreamlight

While it’s understandable that you’d want to unlock all these biomes as soon as possible, you might want to take your time and not try to steamroll your way to them. This is mainly due to the Dreamlight requirement, which will take a while to collect.

Collecting Dreamlight to unlock biomes

Dreamlight is a form of in-game currency you’ll collect as you play through Disney Dreamlight Valley. To unlock all the biomes, you’ll need a total of 41,000 Dreamlight, which is quite frankly an exorbitant amount to collect and is meant to be amassed over days as players progress through the game.

If you go to the Dreamlight tab in the main menu, you’ll see that you can collect this currency by doing daily activities, in-game tasks, progressing friendships, etc. Various activities award Dreamlight in different amounts, ranging from 50 - 500 for a single task.

I recommend that you don’t craft Dreamlight using Dream Shards, as developer Gameloft has cited that the shards might be hard to come by due to “balancing issues.” So play the game at your leisure, do your daily bit, and amass Dreamlight gradually. After all, it is a life-simulation game, so relax, kick back a little, and take things slow.

That’s all you need to know about unlocking all the biomes and getting Dreamlight in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Did you find this guide helpful? If so, leave a comment telling us what other guides you’d like us to cover.

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