Goofy in Disney Dreamlight Valley: All stall locations and items

Goofy fishes with the player character (Image via Gameloft)
Goofy fishes with the player character (Image via Gameloft)

Disney Dreamlight Valley is the company's very own take on a life simulation game featuring many of its most famous characters, and has been having quite a popular time since its release.

Despite only being available for Early Access, the game has seen a rising playerbase over the last couple of weeks and seems in line to be a major success.

The world of Disney Dreamlight Valley is populated by many familiar faces such as Mickey Mouse, Scrooge McDuck, and Merlin. You’ve probably met most of them if you’ve spent any amount of time in the game and are probably acquainted with where to get items and spend money in.

While Scrooge’s shop is the main place to get your decorations, Goofy’s stall lets you buy more daily requirements like seeds and vegetables.

However, did you know that Goofy has more than one stall in the game? If not, then read on as I walk you through the lucrative business Goofy has set up in Disney Dreamlight Valley, one that can rival Scrooge McDuck himself.

A guide to Goofy’s Stalls in Disney Dreamlight Valley


You’ve probably come across the stall Goofy has in the Peaceful Meadows area, which you’ll need to set up for him as part of a story mission. But did you know that Goofy actually has numerous stalls across the hub world of Disney Dreamlight Valley? If you explore the other biomes, you’ll find that he has a shop in each one.

However, there is a slight gimmick to it: each stall sells different items. So, if you can’t find anything specific in one of his stalls, you have the option to head over to another biome and check the one there. This will be very useful when you’re in the mood to cook a meal that requires specific ingredients.

Goofy's stall fully upgraded in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft)
Goofy's stall fully upgraded in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft)

Aside from the Plaza, there are a total of seven biomes present in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and each of these has a stall from Goofy with a different inventory. Here is a list of these stalls, their locations, and what they sell.

1) Peaceful Meadows

Chances are you’ve probably found this stall already, as it is part of the story quest of Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is located next to the topmost pond on the western side of the area, and its inventory includes:

  • Lettuce Seeds - 3 Coins
  • Apples - 50 Coins
  • Wheat Seeds - 1 Coin
  • Lettuce - 12 Coins
  • Carrot Seeds - 10 Coins

2) Dazzle Beach

This stall is located on the southeastern coast of Dazzle Beach, near a pier. It sells:

  • Sugarcane Seeds - 5 Coins
  • Corn - 24 Coins
  • Tomato Seeds - 8 Coins
  • Sugarcane - 29 Coins
  • Corn Seeds - 15 Coins

3) Forest of Valor

Located near the center of the area, right beside the river, the inventory here consists of:

  • Bell Pepper Seeds - 12 Coins
  • Onions - 255 Coins
  • Canola Seeds - 25 Coins
  • Blueberries - 58 Coins
  • Onion Seeds - 50 Coins
  • Canola - 164 Coins

4) Glade of Trust

If you’ve found Mother Gothel’s treehouse (it’s hard to miss), venture east from there, and you’ll come across this stall. Here, Goofy will sell:

  • Rice Seed - 35 Coins
  • Spinach - 62 Coins
  • Spinach Seed - 45 Coins
  • Lemon - 67 Coins
  • Okra Seeds - 135 Coins
  • Okra - 171 Coins

5) Sunlit Plateau

The stall is located near the entrance to the Plateau from the Plaza, west of the Elephant Graveyard. In this store you’ll get:

  • Chili Pepper Seeds - 20 Coins
  • Cotton Seeds - 42 Coins
  • Zucchini Seeds - 30 Coins
  • Chili Peppers - 117 Coins
  • Soya Seeds - 60 Coins
  • Soya - 104 Coins

6) Frosted Heights

You’ll find this stall in the center again, beside the river. Here, you’ll be able to buy:

  • Cucumber Seeds - 40 Coins
  • Cucumber - 239 Coins
  • Eggplant Seeds - 95 Coins
  • Asparagus Seeds - 150 Coins
  • Cherries - 83 Coins

7) Forgotten Lands

Goofy’s stall can be found east of the Fast Travel well and north of the Pumking House. Here, he’ll be able to sell you:

  • Pumpkin Seeds - 275 Coins
  • Potato - 189 Coins
  • Potato Seeds - 55 Coins
  • Pumpkin - 996 Coins
  • Leek Seeds - 120 Coins

And that’s all the information we can lend you regarding Goofy’s stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley. We hope you find this guide helpful. Do keep up with us for more on this and many other games. Leave a comment, if you'd like, on what more you want to see featured on the site.

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