"Do it for free": The KSI x Belle Delphine video rumours explained

Fans believe that KSI could be collaborating with Belle Delphine on ane exclusive video
Fans believe that KSI could be collaborating with Belle Delphine on ane exclusive video

A recent tweet by popular British YouTuber KSI has sent the online community into a tizzy, as curious fans believe that he is collaborating with Belle Delphine on a special kind of "video."

This assumption stems from the fact that in his tweet, he mentioned a special Christmas surprise planned for his fans, on the same day when Belle Delphine apparently also has an OnlyFans video lined up for release:

What helped intensify the rumours was Belle Delphine's reply to his tweet, as well as her retweet, which was posted in her own "trademark manner":

It is due to the often explicit nature of Belle Delphine's content that fans have now begun to speculate that KSI and Belle Delphine might very well have something up their sleeve. As things stand, it certainly doesn't seem to belong to the PG-13 category either.

KSI x Belle Delphine video to arrive on Christmas Day?


While KSI is one of the most popular content creators on the internet, Belle Delphine is known for popularising the prevalent E-girl culture that dominates the internet today.

Her content often oscillates between goofy and risque, on account of which she remains a highly polarising figure on the internet.

In a recent episode of the Happy Hour podcast, she addressed the rumours of shooting an OnlyFans Christmas video with KSI:

"Oh what type of video ? Oh I would have to.....I would not sleep with him, but there are other things like not crossing the line but still would be like cool . I mean it's KSI, you know?

At one juncture, on being asked which Sidemen member would make the best OnlyFans video, her answer, unsurprisingly, was:

"Obviously KSI would do the best, cause everyone would be like 'what I want to see this, what's that about'...

She even shares her thoughts on how much funds would be required to shoot the video:

'Honestly, nothing, cause it's KSI ...Plus it would be fun, to do it for free!"

Her recent candid statements are sure to fuel further speculation, as the online community has been abuzz ever since the KSI x Belle Delphine video rumours first started doing the rounds.

While some believe it could be leading upto a music video collab, a large section believe that the duo are actually shooting an intimate OnlyFans video together.

Check out some of the reactions, online, as curious fans tried to decipher the cryptic exchange between KSI and Belle Delphine:

As KSI and Belle Delphine continue to tease an upcoming video collaboration of sorts, the online community seem to be having a field day with their wild guesses above.

With the hype that has been created in light of the duo's recent banter online, it looks like fans will have to wait till Christmas Day in order to unearth the truth behind the rumoured KSI x Belle Delphine video.