'Let him know I approve': KSI reacts to the Jake Paul diss track, and it's wholesome

KSI had released a 12-minute video, where he reacted to the Jake Paul diss track (Image Credits:
KSI had released a 12-minute video, where he reacted to the Jake Paul diss track (Image Credits:

Jeje Olatunji, aka KSI, has finally responded to the viral Jake Paul diss track in the most wholesome way possible.

The popular British YouTuber has a history of bad blood with the Paul brothers, having squared off with Jake's older brother, Logan, in his first professional boxing match. KSI went on to win that match and has since then been called out numerous times by Jake, who wants to fight him next.

Jake Paul had defeated KSI's younger brother, Deji, on the undercard, which means that a KSI vs Jake Paul match could definitely be on the cards in the near future, with the former even stating that he sees the bout as a means to 'finish the whole YouTube boxing beef'.

Recently, a YouTube channel by the name of void has witnessed an upsurge in popularity due to its 'diss tracks' on notable personalities, the likes of whom include Pokimane, RiceGum, Mini Ladd and others. However, void is specially known for one track, which has raked in more than a million views so far- The Jake Paul diss track.

Featuring a no-holds-barred criticism of Paul's lavish lifestyle and questionable ways, the song tears into his controversial persona.

After the track's success, fans have been begging KSI to respond to it. The 27-year-old recently complied and was left speechless by the brutal diss track on his rival.

KSI reacts to the Jake Paul diss track


Around two weeks back, KSI had released a 12-minute video, where he reacted to the Jake Paul diss track.

The video had already raked in almost 4 million views until it was apparently claimed by Jake Paul, who had it taken down.

As fans wondered what happened to the video, a YouTube channel by the name of Hoodini came to their rescue as he posted a video, which included KSI's reaction to the diss track.

At the beginning of the video, KSI appears confused as he's not sure what he's exactly watching. However, once the lyrics start to drop, KSI reloads the video and watches on:

"Ay yo...wait what! Hold up, hold up......Reload the thing, reload it! I wasn't expecting this, I'm locked in. "

When the lyrics take a shot at Jake Paul's dad and his former flame Tana Mongeau, he stops the video and exclaims:

"Yo this is a violation! A violation! I need to know who did this....this is crazy! This is mad!"

He even takes a moment to clap for the level of savagery involved in the lyrics and states:

'This is f*****g insane ...this is one of the best things I've seen in my life. This is nuts. I want to reload the whole thing! This is sick bro'.

Once the track is over, he immediately subscribes to void and encourages people to leave a comment as he shares his final thoughts:

'Let him know fam, that I sent you, let him know I approve of this message. '
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