Does Candy Diver Cookie live up to the hype in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Candy Diver is the 15th Cookie with they/them pronouns (Image via Sportskeeda)
Candy Diver is the 15th Cookie with they/them pronouns (Image via Sportskeeda)

Candy Diver Cookie is one of the most unique additions to Cookie Run: Kingdom, given the character's unique skill set. With the popularity of damage dealer support like Cotton and Eclair at its peak, Devsisters choosing to release a new Support Cookie with no DMG or significant healing capabilities is a bold move.

Despite this, the Cookie has made a big splash in the game's meta since its September 27 release. Read on to find out why Cookie Run: Kingdom fans are rushing to invest in Candy Diver Cookies and if you should be doing the same.

Candy Diver Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom; All you need to know

On pure numbers, Candy Divers, even after their Cookie Level and Skill is maxed out, is not a particularly impressive Cookie Run: Kingdom character.

  • HP: 149,921
  • ATK: 28,773
  • DEF: 39,053
  • CRIT%: 13%
  • Overall Power: 124,656

After applying a full Amplify Buff topping build, the overall power rating is just a little shy of 150,000. While this is a perfectly adequate power rating for intermediate players, a Cookie with this power rating is unlikely to make its way above Diamond-ranked teams in the game.

Their "Deep Sea Diver" skill does offer a great collection of buffs and healing abilities, akin to Mint Choco Cookie. The base numbers for this ability are given below:

  • 15 second Cooldown
  • Regular Attack DEF Reduction: 7.5% for 10.0 sec, stacks up to 2 times
  • Regular Attack DMG Boost: 5.0% for 10.0 sec, stacks up to 2 times
  • Super Success Rate: 10.0% + Amplify Buff%
  • Failed Super Success Carryover Rate: 15.0%
  • Regular Relic HP Healing: 43.5%
  • Siren Statue: Amplify Buff +15.0% for 10.0 sec
  • Pirate Sword: ATK +10.0% for 10.0 sec
  • Anchor: DEF +15.0% for 10.0 sec
  • (Rare Relic) Black Pearl Shell: Healing +10.9% every 1.0 sec for 7.0 sec, Amplify Buff +15.0% for 10.0 sec, ATK +25.0% for 10.0 sec

The skill is largely unchanged from skill powder upgrades, with exceptions to the healing numbers which effectively double by Lv.70.

So far, Candy Diver appears to be a relatively niche Cookie that is only useful to very specific teams. What makes the newest addition to the Cookie Run: Kingdom world so exciting is his unique "Safeguarded" ability. This is explained in Cookie's skill description:

While wandering the depths of the Duskgloom Sea, Candy Diver Cookie has become immune to enemy attacks by obtaining the Safeguarded ability

This means that Candy Diver is effectively unkillable in any game mode, while also implying that the Cookie cannot deal any damage.

One of the main reasons why Candy Diver is being adopted by Masters rank Cookie Run: Kingdom players is the fact that Cookies can continue to heal their team even if the rest of their team is stunned or frozen. This can massively boost a team's survivability, especially in PvP, as it can nullify most types of combo attacks from the enemy team.


Imagine you are facing a team with Frost Queen and two other DPSs. Frost Queen will deal some damage and also freeze your team making them unable to heal themselves or fight back and the second or third DPS will then proceed to finish off your wounded Cookies.

But because Candy Diver is immune to Frost Queen's freezing or any other attacks, his healing can be key in ensuring that your team survives while they are indisposed.


It should be noted that it is unlikely that Candy Diver will be able to fulfill the role of the main healer, so readers will most likely have to use him alongside someone like Cream Unicorn or Pure Vanilla in order for him to take up the role discussed above.

Cookie Run: Kingdom players who want to exponentially boost the survivability and damage dealing abilities of their team should go all in on Candy Diver Cookie, and do so quickly to gain an advantage over most players who haven't caught onto the new character's value yet.

Cookie Run: Kingdom fans can track this space to keep an eye out for all the latest news.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author's views.

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