Does Sherbet Cookie live up to the hype in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Frost Queen and Snow Sugar Cookie were buffed in the same update (Image via Sportskeeda)
Frost Queen and Snow Sugar Cookie were buffed in the same update (Image via Sportskeeda)

Released as part of a crowded Cookie Run: Kingdom update, the latest Super Epic Cookie to join the CRK character library has quickly become a fan favorite. The Ranged Cookie packs in a lot of what made Frost Queen the most sought-after character in the game, with the addition of self-healing capabilities.

Read on to learn more about Sherbet Cookie, who is going toe-to-toe with massively popular DPSs like Captain Caviar and Eclair for the title of best DMG dealer.

Should you build Sherbet Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom? (December 2022)


The numbers for a maxed-out Sherbet Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom ("Frost Shards" skill and Cookie both at Lv. 70) are given below:

  • HP: 140,140
  • ATK: 53,300
  • DEF: 67,411
  • CRIT: 13%
  • Overall Power: 332,515

The numbers for the "Frost Shards" ability (Lv. 70) are also attached below:

  • Frost Shards DMG: 72.2% per Shard
  • Frost ATK SPD -5.0%, Freezing DMG +50.0% (capped at 350%) for 16 sec
  • Frost Additional DMG: 49.2% (Cookies), 15.0% (Others) per Shard
  • Nullify Debuff Resist: nullifies 30.0% of Debuff Resist for 16 sec; stacks up to x1
  • Freezing: freezes the target for 1 sec with 8.0% chance; the chance is increased by 2.0% per stack of Frost
  • Freezing DMG: 42.2% of ATK
  • Frost Resistance: Sherbet Cookie gets -50.0% to Freezing DMG and duration
  • Warm Light of Life: 55.0% of Healing exceeding Max HP is converted to
  • HP Shield (capacity is capped at 30.0% of Max HP)

These numbers will remain unchanged, as the only statistic that will improve after upgrading the Skill is the DMG inflicted by the Frost Shards at a rate of +0.53%/level.

Sherbet's Frozen Shard skill is one of the more diverse ones in a Cookie Run: Kingdom DMG dealer. The Cookie will first summon 15 shards onto the battlefield, divided equally between the number of enemies standing.

The Frost and Nullify debuffs are applied to all enemies, with them getting frozen as well sometimes. Frozen targets are dealt extra damage when they thaw. Healing exceeding Sherbet's Max HP is converted into an HP Shield.

With these numbers, there is no doubt that this Cookie will be an absolute beast in PvE. A low cooldown, self-healing ability, key debuffs, and one of the most formidable DMG numbers of any DPS in Cookie Run: Kingdom directly translates into Sherbet being able to carry almost any team through the toughest World Exploration stages.

Even for PvP, the Cookie makes it to the SS tier in tier lists specific to the Kingdom Arena. While it doesn't have the same kind of certainty of being able to carry and anchor entire teams in the arena, it still packs quite a punch alongside having exceptionally high survivability.

Frost Queen continues to be one of the most picked Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom PvP, and Sherbet is essentially a buffed-up version of the former. So it's safe to say that Sherbet will become an essential DPS for players looking to climb to Masters.

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