How to beat 14-10 in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Cookie Run: Kingdom comprises of three main aspects, PvE, PvP, and Kingdom Building (Image via Sportskeeda)
Cookie Run: Kingdom comprises of three main aspects, PvE, PvP, and Kingdom Building (Image via Sportskeeda)

Cookie Run: Kingdom's PvE aspect is often overlooked as fans are not as invested in it as in reaching the top ranks in PvP. This leads to many players missing out on the significant rewards on offer in World Exploration, most notably Epic Toppings and Star Jellies, particularly in Dark and Master modes.

In an effort to funnel some attention to the World Exploration game mode, the difficulty of stages has been raised considerably since Chapter 11. One level that has many stumped is the stage where the team will have to face off against the Yeti in Chapter 14.

This article lays out the ideal team build to clear this stage, along with the treasures that you should use.

Complete Guide on clearing 14-10 in Cookie Run: Kingdom


The given team setup is capable enough to clear these stages in 'Auto' in both Dark and Master modes as well. The selected group of Cookies need not be maxed out for this team to clear 14-10 with three stars, but Cookie Run: Kingdom players should at least upgrade the team to Level 55 (Cookie Level and Skill Level both) or above in order to not waste their Stamina Jellies on failed attempts.

1) Dark Cacao Cookie


One of the most popular releases of the year in Cookie Run: Kingdom, the Ancient Charge Cookie is necessary to hold up the team's Front line and to provide some key buffs throughout the grueling level. His solid DMG rating also goes a long way against the Boss at this level, as does his Debuff Resist.

2) Caramel Arrow


Caramel Arrow is the first and only Ranged Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom that can be placed in the Front line, and this unique characteristic goes a long way in boosting the overall survivability of the team.

When in cooldown, Caramel Arrow bears the brunt of the enemy's attack with Dark Cacao at the Front as a Tank. However, when she uses her "Arrow of Resolution" ability and wields her bow from the Rear, players get to see her as the top-tier DPS she is.

3) Affogato Cookie

Affogato takes up the most important role in this team in 14-10, as he is the only Cookie here who can take away the Yeti's Rage Mode buff with his Curse debuff. As part of his "Sweet Scheme" skill, Affogato inflicts a Curse debuff on enemies wherein they are unable to receive any debuffs for 10 seconds.

When players face the Yeti in 14-10, they will notice that the boss has a second smaller bar below the regular HP bar that is above all enemies in Cookie Run: Kingdom. This bar indicates how close the enemy is to activating Rage Mode, which is triggered after he absorbs a certain amount of DMG.

If players use Affogato Cookie's skill right before he is about to enter Rage Mode, they can effectively reduce the level's difficulty by a huge margin. The Cookie also acts as the primary DPS character here.

4) Cream Puff and Cotton Cookie

Success in Cookie Run: Kingdom's PvE is all about dealing as much DMG as possible every second, which is why giving up one of five spots on a team for a dedicated healer is not a luxury that players can afford for their 14-10 team. Cream Puff and Cotton Cookie are the right choices for this team's Rear line as they can provide sufficient healing while also lending a hand in dealing DMG.

To maximize the value that this Cookie Run: Kingdom team can provide, use the Squishy Jelly Watch, Pilgrim's Scroll, and Grim-Looking Scythe treasures.

Fans can track this space to see all the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom releases as they come out.

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