Does Street Fighter 6 have an open world?

Screenshot from Street Fighter 6's trailer (Image via Capcom)
Screenshot from Street Fighter 6's trailer (Image via Capcom)

From a coin-operated arcade cabinet to a full-blown 4K console release, the Street Fighter series has certainly come a long way. With the announcement of the sixth entry in the franchise, fans across the globe are starting to ask questions. With the announcement of the game's story mode, players are more excited than ever.

While fighting games typically have a simple story told through a series of arcade-style fights, recent entries in the genre have gone above and beyond. Injustice is one of the first fighting games that comes to mind when discussing a theatrical storytelling experience, but an open-world story is unheard of for the genre.

Recent talks have brought up the speculation that this new entry in the SF saga will have an entirely open-world story mode. Do these rumors have any merit? What can players expect from the upcoming entry in the SF franchise and what may this new form of story mode contain?

Street Fighter 6 going full Open World?

Ryu as he appears in the reveal for Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)
Ryu as he appears in the reveal for Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

At the PlayStation State of Play event, it was officially announced that Street Fighter 6 will feature an open world across a large city. This mode has been dubbed 'World Tour.' The mode comes with different terrains like rooftops and a scrapyard as well as a rich population of NPCs.

The mode also appears to have enemies that populate its overworld. Though the combat in this mode can be inferred to be nothing like it is in the main game, how players combat these groups of enemies is yet to be revealed or announced. Luke can be seen using the signature Shoryuken uppercut in the world.

From what has been revealed, the open-world story will take place in the Metro City area. This is a part of the Street Fighter universe recognized the most from the sidegame Final Fight but has also appeared in SF5 and Marvel vs. Capcom. The city's outskirts may also house some playable areas as well.


From what has been released so far, Luke appears to be the only playable character in the story mode. Luke first appeared in SF5 as the last character to be added to the roster. It was also revealed that he would play a major role in the next entry. Now we know that this is what Capcom meant by that statement.

Another major character in the story mode was also revealed. Jamie is Luke's friend from Hong Kong. Jamie is a very serious fighter but is a relaxed person outside of the ring. He also appears to have ties to Yun and Yang from Street Fighter 3. Their exact relationship may be revealed in the game's story.

Though there is still very little information available about SF6, knowing that the game will have a roamable open world in its story mode has fans excited. Players will also finally have closure in regards to Luke's mysterious appearance towards the end of Street Fighter 5's life. Overall, the experience looks to be very promising.

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