"Don't fall in love with streamers": Twitch streamer Nico reveals her stalker wrote a 246-page blog about her

Twitch streamer Nico
Twitch streamer Nico

Twitch streamer Nico recently opened up about her ordeal with an obsessive stalker, who had written a 246-page blog about their make-believe relationship. The stalker incident has rocked the streamer community recently.

The Animal Crossing Twitch streamer took to Twitter to recount her chilling stalker experience. In a lengthy Twitlonger post, she delved into the details of the 246-page blog that her stalker had written about her. The contents had left her, as she put it, "physically ill."

Nico is among a growing list of female Twitch streamers who have been harassed online.

The stalker issue constitutes one of the biggest problems in the Twitch community. It exposes the dark underbelly of the digital age.

The stalker menace and female Twitch streamers ft Nico


Over the past few months, there has been a substantial rise in the number of swatting and stalking incidents that several top Twitch streamers have unfortunately been subjected to.

Some of the popular streamers at the receiving end of these experiences are Pokimane, Jadeyanh, Sweet Anita, and BrookeAB.


With each passing case, the grim reality of toxic simp culture rears its ugly head. Looking at Twitch streamer Nico's experience, it appears there are certainly no limits to the depravity of these stalkers.

She revealed that she had recently received a Discord DM from a person who stated that he liked her. He claimed to have "connected the dots" towards furthering a relationship with her.

In response, she clearly stated that she did not reciprocate any feelings towards him. She also stated that she only wishes to enjoy the company of her Twitch community.

After she sent the response, she was notified that there is a 246-page blog about her online that has been doing the rounds for five years. That's likely to creep anyone out.

Struggling to stomach the blog's contents, she shared some of the disturbing details in a post.

"One post he states that he tells one of his friends that it's official between the two of us and that it feels 'surreal' and that it's all in his mind. This one was the fucking scariest for me. Another post starts off by saying 'I thought you were dating' and he has the audacity to answer 'are we not?"

She provides other shocking revelations.

"To summarize a lot of the posts, he talks about calling me his girlfriend. There are posts stating that I am his girlfriend (?), that he wants to know what it's like to call me his girlfriend, how to ask a Twitch streamer out, and even has a post where he says he has a dream about someone putting a ring on him, and that it was the 'person who moved to Vegas'. "

Nico had other examples of his delusionary persona. He called her an alcoholic and got unreasonably angry at her for not sharing the same hobbies as him.

Since sharing her story online, she has received an outpouring of support from the online community.

Here are some of the comforting responses on Twitter:

The biggest takeaway from this incident is Nico's endnote. She warns people to prevent themselves from getting involved in such incidents.

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