Dopa does not consider League of Legends' soloQ ranks to be a criteria for judging individual skills

Dopa believes, League of Legends' solo rankings and individual skills are not correlated (Image via
Dopa believes, League of Legends' solo rankings and individual skills are not correlated (Image via
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Jeong "Dopa" Sang-gil, also known as "Apdo" is widely considered to be the greatest League of Legends player to have never played in the pro scene.

Dopa is a retired League of Legends player who a versatile, high elo player on the South Korean server. He was primarily a mid-laner, but was famous for playing equally well on all five roles.

Fans compare him to Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok, arguably the best League of Legends professional player. Some believe Dopa to be the better player for his unreal versatility in multiple roles. Unfortunately, unlike Faker, fans never had the opportunity to see Dopa in an offline League of Legends tournament.

Many considered Dopa to be the greatest League of Legends' SoloQ player of all time who reached the 1st rank in Korean and Chinese servers several times. But for several unethical activities like elo-boosting, Dopa was permanently banned from Riot Games' esports system.


However, he continued playing on smurf accounts and to date, regularly streams from his official YouTube channel.

Dopa believes, League of Legends' solo rankings and individual skills are not correlated

Recently in a live YouTube stream, a viewer asked Dopa about the criteria to judge a League of Legends player's pure ability and gaming skill. The "SoloQ king" clarified that one's Solo Rank is hardly dependent on individual skills in the present League of Legends scenario and things have barely changed since Season 8. According to him,

"Seriously, a Master 100 LP player that plays no duo, no dodge, could be better than me even. All these people with +1000lp you see here could be worse than that Master tier player. These players here will know themselves if they are unashamed and proud of their lp."


He further stated that one-tricks can get their true tiers at a minimum of -500 LP while for the duos, it is maximum at -1000 LP to a minimum at -200 LP. For players who use websites like OP.GG to improve their game, they should duel at around -300 LP to match their true skills.

Players nowadays often practice the habit of spamming and dodging, to shoot up their League Points where individual skills serve minimally. Thus, Dopa thinks, it has become difficult to choose the better League of Legends player out of these two categories of Rifters.


For Dopa, it is illogical to compare a player who belongs to the Master tier, plays no duo, doesn't dodge, or has a wide pool of champions with another player who has +1000 LP, is a one/two trick and practices dodging and spamming to rank-up. It is not at all absurd if the former possesses more individual skills than the latter. Dopa pointed out DAMWON Kia's mid-laner Heo "ShowMaker" Su for projecting a real-time scenario.

"For example, people like Showmaker. These guys just smurf around at +1000lp. But then again at +1000lp, there are way more people that aren't like him."

According to Dopa, the scenario is the same for League of Legends' low elo as well. Players usually search match history on stat websites before stepping onto the Summoner's Rift and often tend to practice the habit of dodging.

He thinks that Riot should modify League of Legends' match-making system in such a way that if a player leaves the screen during the drafting phase, they automatically lose the game as well as lose League Points.

Dopa claims to have reached 2000 League points if Riot considered relaxing his League of Legends ban for half a year

Image via Dopa's official YouTube channel - Official Dopa
Image via Dopa's official YouTube channel - Official Dopa

When another viewer asked Dopa if he could have reached the mammoth figure of 2000 League Points, he did not deny it.

"Yes, I could do it. If they (Riot) give me half a year. Seriously there are too many ways to increase your lp. I can even do KR server 2000lp if I tried and used every shameless method possible. No, I mean with no illegal methods."

Dopa does not believe in considering the solo rankings for judging a League of Legends player's individual skill. He thinks that a player must improve in his true gaming skills and abilities rather than exploiting the loopholes to go to the top.

Dopa also claimed that if Riot Games had relaxed his ban for half a year, he could have hit the gargantuan figure of 2000 League Points without abusing any illegal or unethical means of play.

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