DOTA 2 Auto Chess: All in-game items and how they work

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Items are very important in Auto Chess. A lot of players either don't know how to use the items or they don't know what the items do. The items have the same effect as Dota with small changes in it.

In another article, I have already mentioned a few items and how they interact in the game. It also explains how to calibrate higher or come back in the game so give it a read - Tricks You Need to Know to Calibrate Higher in Auto Chess. I will say it again, yes making items and using them effectively helps the calibration just like in Dota.

In the game, you fight random opponents from the group, however, Neutral Creep round will comeback at Round-5 and after that every 5th round. Slaying the Neutrals will give you extra gold, this is simply a bonus farming round but the best part is the item drop. The Neutrals drop items that can be used to make bigger and better items. I remember having a crystalis and then I got a Demon Edge drop. Yes, a Daedalus on my troll. Here I will list all the items and their effects and mention the way they interact.

  1. Mask of Madness - Provides 10% Lifesteal and +30 Attack speed but lowers the armor by 10. It's made of Morbid mask and Quarterstaff.
  2. Perseverance - Provides 10 health regen and 100% mana for each attack. Needs a Ring of health and a Void Stone to create.
  3. Refresher orb - Yes it works! Needs two perseverance. Refresher is useless on heroes with passive spells but it's great on heroes with active AOE spells. Shadow Fiend is a good Refresher career. Even Lycan will turn twice but he turns second time with his ultimate already on so it refreshes the time and spawns 2 more of his hounds.
  4. Hood - Needs ring of health, ring of regen and cloak to make. Provides 10 HP regen and 30 magic resistance.
  5. Blademail - Provides 5 armor and 10 attack damage. Returns 10% of the damage taken to the attacker. Needs Broadsword and chainmail.
  6. Crystalis - Attack damage 15 and 15% chance to deal 1.5x damage. Needs Blade of Attack and Broadsword.
  7. Daedalus - Needs Crystalis and demon edge to make a daedalus. Provides 40 attack damage and 10% chance to deal 4x damage.
  8. Kaya - Target's Magic resistance drops by 60%. Needs Staff of Wizardry and Robe of the Magi.
  9. Dagon - Magic resistance -20% on target enemy. Deals 400 damage to a random enemy.
  10. Vanguard - Provides 250 max HP, 10 HP regen and 50% chance to block 50 damage. Needs stout shield, ring of health and Vitality booster.
  11. Maelstrom - Needs javelin and Mithril hammer. Provides 25 attack damage and 25% chance to release a shocking bolt that will deal 100 damage to maximum 3 enemies.
  12. Desolator - Needs two Mithril hammer and one blight stone. Provides 30 attack damage and reduces 15 armor of the target.
  13. Assault Cuirass - Needs Chainmail, Platemail, and Hyperstone to build. Provides +10 armor and +15 attack speed to allies within 1 grid and reduces 10 armor and 15 attack speed of enemies within 1 grid.
  14. Moon Shard - 2 Hyperstone. Provides +70 attack speed.
  15. Monkey King Bar/MKB - Provides +80 attack damage and 10 attack speed. Attacks pierce through evasion. Need quarterstaff, javelin and demon edge.
  16. Shiva's Guard - Provides +20 armor and +5 Mana regen. Reduces the attack speed of the targetted enemy by 50.
  17. Heart - Needs ring of health, vitality booster and river. Provides 1000 Max HP and 1% HP regen every 2 seconds.
  18. Divine Rapier - Provides 150 attack damage. Needs Sacred Relic and demon edge.
  19. Mjollnir - Provides +50 attack damage and +30 attack speed. Provides a 25% chance to release shocking bolt which can deal 200 damage up to 5 enemies. Needs Maelstrom and Hyperstone.
  20. Hex/ Scythe of Vyse - Provides -20 magic resistance on target enemy, 50% mana regen on taking or giving damage and 250 max HP. Casts automatically and turns the targetted enemy to a sheep for 5 seconds. Needs Void Stone, Ultimate Orb and Mystic Staff,

This is the list of all 20 active items of the game. Beside this, you can also use the smaller parts as an item. Items such as crown that gives you mana regen while getting attacked or blight stone for lowering enemy armor. Remember the items work a little differently than in Dota so make sure you have read the item description well before passing it to a hero.

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