Dota 2: Spectre's dismal win rate in high MMR games continues as Valve is yet to reveal long-awaited Arcana

Mercurial, the Spectre (Image via Valve)
Mercurial, the Spectre (Image via Valve)
Agnibesh Bandyopadhyay

On October 10th, it was announced that Spectre had beaten Faceless Void in 2020's Dota 2 Arcana Vote. It has been over six months, but the Arcana is yet to be released.

Every year in the Dota 2 Battle Pass, Valve allows players to vote for which hero they want an Arcana. Last year, Spectre came out as the winner, defeating Faceless Void. The latter became the only hero to come second twice in the process, as he had lost to Rubick in 2018.

Arcanas are the highest quality cosmetics in Dota 2, and the previous winners got their Arcanas relatively quickly. Only Juggernaut got his Arcana in March 2017 after winning the vote in 2016. As of today, Spectre has had the most delayed Arcana.

As Valve continues to delay the Arcana's release, the anticipation for this item is growing within the community. One fan even got a Spectre tattoo while waiting for Valve to release it.

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The state of Spectre in Dota 2

Another trend that follows the release of any Arcana item is the over-buffing of the hero to broken standards. When Ogre got his Arcana, he was buffed so much that people began playing him as an off-laner instead of a support.


However, Spectre seems to have not followed that trend as she is very underpowered in the game. As of today, the hero has a 52.7% win rate in all pub matches, the 10th highest win rate amongst all heroes in Dota 2.

Looking at the win rates in different ranked brackets sees a different story unfold. Spectre's win rate and pick rate proportionally fall as the stats move towards higher-ranked games.

Her win rate in Divine and Immortal brackets is just 46.8%, which is the 11th lowest in the bracket. Her pick rate also drops from 8.1% to just 5.6% in high MMR brackets, meaning that high-ranked players are just not playing this hero.


This goes against Valve's usual over-buffing of heroes during an Arcana launch.

The hero also has a 0% win rate in the Dota 2 EU DPC league. This statistic is even more shocking because just under six months ago, Spectre was one of the best carries in the game.

Further proof of Spectre's weakness is that Ana, probably the best Spectre player in Dota 2 history, failed to carry OG to victory yesterday while playing the hero against Hellbear Smashers.

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