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Difference Between Dota2 Auto Chess and Auto Chess Mobile


Auto Chess Mobile
Auto Chess Mobile

Auto Chess or previously known as Dota2 Auto Chess is now an independent game. This was a very expected transformation as we all watched Auto Chess coming out as a mod and then becoming the most popular game of the month. Auto Chess did not only manage to be the most successful Dota2 arcade of all time but also became the fast subscribed mod ever.

The community expected an independent release after Valve announced to help the development of the game. Valve might not release Half-Life 3 but we all know Valve loves to explore MODS. Valve's e-sport giant DOTA2 was inherited from the World of Warcraft Mod aka DOTA1. With Artifact being a huge upset, there was no choice left for Valve.

Auto Chess gained massive support from the gaming community and the DOTA2 community, as a result, tournaments were hosted and the game earned even more followers. A couple of month after release and the game was looking at a player base of 7 Million gamers.

Recently after that, Drodo announced the Mobile release of Auto Chess and it was also made clear that the independent project will not be connected with DOTA2. The community was overjoyed with the news but also skeptic about the mobile release. Here is a complete review of Auto Chess Mobile.

There is not much major difference between Dota2 Auto Chess and Auto Chess Mobile. The biggest change the game went through is possibly the removal of Dota2 heroes, but it was a needed step for the game to shine independently. Even though the heroes are changed they are still inspired by DOTA2 and just after a couple of game you can recognize the real hero behind the new model. Another change was the items, but apparently, they just changed the icons. The names are mostly same and the items work as they were supposed to however Drodo felt better using their own icons for the items.

Auto Chess Mobile allows you to see your player profile, rank, candies without joining the game. The screen feels a little squeezed but it is not bad. It has a very fast loading screen and other features are very easy to use. Auto Chess Mobile is exactly what it can be on mobile. Is it good? If you played and loved auto chess then you loved it because of its gameplay which didn't change at all, so the answer is yes.

The new shop allows you to buy skin, avatar and I am guessing soon you can buy chess boards. The game is still being worked on and there are many more features about to come.

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