Dr DisRespect allegedly set to own Call of Duty League team, here is everything we know so far

Dr DisRespect might soon be the owner of a new COD team!
Dr DisRespect might soon be the owner of a new COD team!
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Dr DisRespect, whose real name is Herschel Guy Beahm IV, recently made a video about return to streaming. The Doc was banned from Twitch at the end of June, and had since taken a long break from streaming. Furthermore, there was widespread speculation behind the exact reason for Dr DisRespect’s Twitch ban, although the streamer himself maintained that he hadn’t been given the exact reason for the move.

Regardless, the fiasco seems to be well and truly behind him. Dr DisRespect’s first stream since his return peaked at around 335k concurrent viewers, which in itself was record-shattering. The stream was a huge success, and erased all doubts about whether he will be well-received upon his return.

Since then, Dr DisRespect even did a collaboration with Indian PUBG Mobile streamer Tanmay “Scout” Singh, which was another huge success. Following suit, Dr DisRespect hinted at another significant milestone in a recent stream.

Dr DisRespect allegedly set to own his Call of Duty League Team, here is everything we know so far

Recently, content creator Vikkstar123’s Warzone Showdown tournament came to a conclusion. The tournament saw participation from some notable streamers such as Tfue, Nadeshot, Symfuhny and Dr DisRespect himself, whose partner was COD streamer ZLaner. However, during all of this, Dr DisRespect revealed some cryptic hints about owning his own ‘COD team’.

In the video that you can see at the end of the article, Dr DisRespect is seen discussing the notion of being a COD professional with his teammate. However, he goes on to say that while being a professional is certainly a lot of ‘fun’, going to tournament arenas as a team owner to cheer for your own team would be an even better experience.

Image Credits: Dexerto
Image Credits: Dexerto

Like The Doc's viewers, ZLaner himself seems surprised, and asks Dr DisRespect whether he is ‘foreshadowing’ an announcement. In response, The Doc confirms that he might be able to see a ‘San Diego’ team in the near future. ZLaner mutters in response that The Doc can always consider him, if he is looking for players.

In a recent video by Esports Talk, we saw host Jake Lucky analyze whether such a move could actually be possible for The Doc, and ended up concluding that he might actually not be bluffing about such a huge announcement. You can watch the entire video below.


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