Dr DisRespect believes that Warzone anti-cheat might just be "PR play"

Dr DisRespect suggests that Warzone anti-cheat might simply be a PR gimmick (Image via Doctober2021 on Twitter)
Dr DisRespect suggests that Warzone anti-cheat might simply be a PR gimmick (Image via Doctober2021 on Twitter)
Riddhima Pal

Dr DisRespect and Call of Duty Warzone go way back. The 'Two-Time' has been involved in the Call of Duty franchise for many years. He is famous for his love-hate relationship with Warzone. The streamer often has rage-quit the title and announced that he was done playing Warzone.


Warzone is notorious for the number of hackers and stream snipers that ruined the gameplay experience of the Call of Duty title. When countless ban waves did not work, Warzone finally decided to include an anti-cheat in the game. However, it seems like even this anti-cheat is not impressive enough for Dr DisRespect, as the game continues to be glitchy.

Dr DisRespect calls Warzone's anti-cheat "a PR play"

During his October 15 stream, Doc was streaming Warzone and playing every different mode when the game suddenly crashed. In true Dr DisRespect style, the streamer raged about the glitchy nature of the game for some time before sharing his two cents about the title's new anti-cheat.

"Okay, my game crashed. Huh, fun. It's been a fun day playing this f**king sh*thole game, you know what I mean?"

Viewers can watch the relevant section from 4:50:00 in the following video.


Doc went on to question the legibility of the anti-cheat software that Warzone recently introduced.

"What do you think the chances (are) that their anti-cheat software is actually going to be successful? There is a part of me that (thinks) it’s a PR play. Fingers crossed, right? Fingers crossed."

He even mentioned that the game feels like a mobile game to him, which should not be the case for a multi-million dollar game.

Overall, it does not seem like Dr DisRespect has very high hopes for Warzone's anti-cheat right now. However, he had previously praised the developers for rolling out intricate details about the anti-cheat features.

Raven Software will introduce an upgraded version of their anti-cheat on November 5, 2021, known as RICOCHET. Here's hoping the upgraded anti-cheat can impress Warzone streamers like Dr DisRespect.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar

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