Dr Disrespect finds Twitch streamer who is 'willing' to play with him

Dr Disrespect is all set to play with a Twitch streamer
Dr Disrespect is all set to play with a Twitch streamer
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

Herschel Guy Beahm IV, known popularly as Dr Disrespect, is known for his larger-than-life persona and gameplay expertise.

Touted as the most dominating gaming specimen in the world, The Doc has witnessed a fruitful career, amassing millions of followers. However, he has also had his fair share of setbacks, the most recent being his unceremonious ban from Twitch.

It was the manner of the suspension, where Twitch did not give any prior warning nor any official reason, that upset a large section of his fans.

He spoke about his Twitch ban for the first time during one of his streams on YouTube, and while speculation continued to persist, it also opened up a fair debate:

Speculation has been rife regarding a possible collaboration between Dr Disrespect and a Twitch streamer, and it now looks like The Doc has found one willing to play with him.

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Dr Disrespect x 2Pac Huntsman


Dr Disrespect will be participating in an upcoming Warzone tournament organized by Vikkstar. The competition is called Vikkstar's Warzone Showdown and has a $210,000 prize pool.

The Doc confirmed his participation via Twitter:

As speculation regarding his announcement began, a Twitch streamer called Doug replied to Dr Disrespect's tweet and received the following reply:

With this, Dr Disrespect is all set to stream alongside a Twitch streamer for the first time since his ban. It remains to be seen what shape this collaboration ends up taking.

According to Jake Lucky of Esports Talk, on YouTube:

"A guy like 2Pac will not be streaming at all on Twitch or he will be streaming on Twitch and gain the notoriety of being banned for playing with Dr Disrespect. Another possibility is that he will stream on Twitch and actually get away with it, as we find out that Doc can actually bypass this rule."

Dr Disrespect mentioned his team up with x2Pac during his recent stream, where he refers to the latter as a legendary search and destroy player.

With this latest development, expect speculation to reach an all-time high as the online community continues to ponder the possible fallout of Dr Disrespect's stream with x2Pac.

Will x2Pac get banned? Or will his collaboration with Dr Disrespect somehow bypass the system?

Come 27th August, and all speculation will finally be put to rest.

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