"Back on Twitch" - Dr DisRespect shockingly gets featured on a Fornite ad on Twitch

Dr DisRespect was recently featured on a Fornite ad on Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dr DisRespect was recently featured on a Fornite ad on Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)
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YouTube Gaming star Dr DisRespect is apparently "back on Twitch," however, not in the way his fans have wanted. There is a big catch here. Earlier today, Doc was featured in a Fortnite advertisement on Twitch that elicited quite a few interesting reactions from viewers.

While Doc comfortably continued his streaming journey on YouTube after his Twitch ban, a big chunk of his followers still wanted to see him return to Twitch. Their wish might have been fulfilled the wrong way here as Doc made a small appearance in Twitch's Fortnite advertisement on the purple platform alongside some of the biggest creators, including the Queen of YouTube, Rachel "Valkyrae".

@HUN2R maybe because its a subliminal sign doc might be coming back to twitch before long

Dr DisRespect is finally back on Twitch - Thanks to Fortnite

Despite being permanently banned on Twitch, Dr DisRespect has just made a shocking appearance on Twitch. However, it's not what many fans believe it to be. It wasn't during his own livestream, or anyone else's for that matter. It was during a Fortnite advertisement, of all things.

The advertisement featured a variety of content creators, including Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and others. All of them can be seen playing Fortnite's much-popular Zero-Build Game mode and sharing their opinions.

DrDisrespect is currently featured in an ad on Twitch for Fortnite…

The Doc can be heard saying:

"I'm not gonna lie, I'm digging this game right now."

Even though it's just a mere advertisement, the major question here is whether it's within Twitch's rules and policies to feature a permanently banned individual on the platform. After all, the Amazon-owned platform is known for its policies and, not to mention, bans. Of course, the situation here is pretty interesting, and it's impossible to make the judgment call with Doc's ban reason being a mystery.

To put it simply, it's not like Doc is making his return to the purple platform. All in all, it was just a mere advertisement, and he was only on screen for 3-4 seconds.

Fans react to Dr DisRespect's return to the Amazon-owned platform

As expected, the shocking "return" elicited quite a few interesting reactions from fans. It goes without saying, but the majority of viewers were more than thrilled with his appearance on Twitch. Even if it is an advertisement, it still counts.

@HUN2R Bout to steal this too if you don’t stop being mean to me
@HUN2R It's an ad by a company not affiliated with Twitch or Amazon, it does not matter who is in it as long as Twitch is getting the revenue from it. The ad is meant to showcase streamers having fun in the game, not the platform of the streamers and Valkyrae is also in the ad.
@HUN2R nice stream choice 😎
@HUN2R In before people get banned for having Dr Disrespect on their stream..
@HUN2R They advertising No Build again because FN numbers on Twitch falling off again
@HUN2R Everyone who viewed this is now banned
@HUN2R I saw it too, then a couple hours later I saw the same commercial, and him and the others weren’t in it
@HUN2R Twitch about to ban fortnite 😂😂😂😂
@HUN2R Why does it matter? He’s a legend and they know that.
@HUN2R Twitch hella weird for never telling us the reason
@HUN2R This is how it should be
@HUN2R They got this ad watching the best Fortnite streamer.

Dr DisRespect has had his fair share of controversies ever since starting his streaming journey. Be it on Twitch or YouTube, Doc has faced a significant amount of criticism and trolling for various reasons.

While many of those controversies involve some major names in the gaming industry, his infamous ban on Twitch still tops the list. To this day, the main reason for his sudden ban is unclear.

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