Dr Disrespect mocks HasanAbi fans on stream, doubling down on the "fat phony" comment

Hasan Abi is a left leaning political commentator and Twitch streamer (Image via Sportskeeda)
Hasan Abi is a left leaning political commentator and Twitch streamer (Image via Sportskeeda)

Hasan Abi's criticism of Dr Disrespect, where the former referenced the latter's 2017 confession to infidelity, seems to have touched a nerve. As a result, the Doc is going after the creator and his fans. In a recent stream, the 41-year-old did an impression of what he believed the average Hasan Abi fan would sound like, making them out to be self-serving, woke, and involuntarily celibate. He also called the political streamer a "fat phony."

This feud between the two streamers stems from the 31-year-old commenting on Dr Disrespect showing support for Nickmercs. For those unaware, Nick's operator bundle was removed from Call of Duty Warzone 2 after he allegedly made some anti-LGBT comments.

Dr Disrespect does humiliating impression of Hasan Abi fans after "fat phony" comment

Nickmercs, a popular Twitch streamer and COD player, had responded to a video where LGBTQ+ supporters were engaged in a violent clash outside a school. His take was that topics like LGBTQ+ rights are not meant to be discussed in the classroom.

This opinion received significant backlash. As a result, Warzone 2's developer, Activision, promptly removed the creator's Operator bundle. This content was in the game for only a week.

In protest of Activision's decision, several members of the streaming community expressed solidarity for Nickmercs, with Dr Disrespect uninstalling Warzone 2 from his PC live on stream. The Doc made it clear that he wouldn't be installing the game until Nick's bundle was revived in WZ2.


Hasan reacted to the clip of Dr Disrespect uninstalling the game, two days later. He laughed and said:

"He is more loyal to Nickmercs having his skin than his own wife. Yes, he's more loyal to that."

Angered by these comments, Dr Disrespect launched into a rant against Hasan during a recent stream, saying:

"Like who's this fat phony, Hasan, this fat phony. He's so concerned about everything, about the 'Two-time....' These people, man. You just don't worry about anything, except yourself and what's close to you and what matters to you."

(Watch from 20:45)

In open-lobby games, people often try to interact with the avatars of popular streamers by getting in their faces, jumping in front of them, etc. One individual fan tried to connect with Dr Disrespect in his PUBG pre-match lobby. This annoyed the streamer who's famous for his "tough guy" attitude. He feels trying to get attention from a creator like this is a desperate move. He said, mocking the fan:

"Look, look, there I am. I got in on a Wednesay. I got no life, I got no friends. I got no job. I got no social skills. I got nothing. [Starts fake crying] I got nothing except you Doc, and you're in my lobby, and it makes me feel so good."


As he was humorously railing against the player's "desperate" move, Dr Disrespect continued the rant to illustrate his point that these kinds of fans are the people who support Hasan.

"My favourite content creator is Hasan, you know? He's fat, and he's got a really weird looking structure of his shoulders and he's unathletic, and he's really fat, and he's my favourite content creator."

Dr Disrespect then pretended to be a Hasan fan and said:

"I got nothing going on. I'm so depressed, I got a chip on my shoulder, I'm critical of everything except myself. I got 'he/him' in my bio...."

Hasan has stood by his statements, despite getting repeated criticism from Dr Disrespect and his massive fanbase. His relatively smaller following is presently attacking the Doc for his comments.

It remains to be seen how this feud between the two will progress. On the other hand, the larger question of whether Nickmercs' bundle will be restored in Warzone 2 remains unanswered.

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