Dr DisRespect rising from Twitch ban; map and skin in Rogue Company just the beginning

Image Credits - Dr DisRespect YouTube
Image Credits - Dr DisRespect YouTube
Dipanjan Dey
Modified 17 Oct 2020

Dr DisRespect is perhaps one of the most exceptional entertainers of our age. He is more than just a video game professional and has become a brand name over the years, changing the politics of live streaming forever. So much so that people enjoy his streams as much as regular television entertainment, if not more.

Recently, Dr DisRespect's much-awaited "The Arena" map came to Rogue Company. With a new skin in this 4v4 team-based multiplayer shooter, the Doc is set to make a return that no one saw coming.

Social media blew up with excitement as the map represented the actual Arena for the Champions Club. This project was one that took a while but was worth the wait.

Dr DisRespect, as one of the top gaming personalities of all time, will attract a considerable share of the fanbase to Rogue Company. Although this game is still in its beta phase, we are left wondering how brilliant this strategy is from a business standpoint.

Dr DisRespect overcoming ban fiasco by reaching new heights

Ever since Dr DisRespect was banned on Twitch, he has changed in ways that only fans can notice. He has indeed become more candid than before, speaking about issues more openly. And although he isn't legally allowed to talk about the ban, he does insinuate a lot.

After returning on YouTube, Dr DisRespect has done things that others can only dream of. This includes producing his music, coming out with an autobiography, and collaborations with personalities like Snoop Dogg, Odell Beckham Jr, CouRage JD, and several others.

Doc has also been performing superbly with Zlaner at the Vikkstar Warzone Showdown. In light of all this, it is essential to showcase what the Two-Time has achieved over the last few months.

Other popular streamers like Ninja and Nadeshot have hinted that the Doc perhaps knows the reasons for his ban. However, Dr DisRespect has maintained the narrative that he has no clue why he was issued a permanent suspension. The American internet celebrity has also dropped subtle hints about why he thinks he got banned.

In an insinuating tone, Doc alleged that his departure from the "purple platform" was a protracted budget move. A move formulated to accommodate new youngsters in the platform. While this was done not to pay him his salary, according to the streamer, several believe that this might not be plausible.

A crazy theory claimed by Dr DisRespect states that Twitch timed the ban perfectly to free up some capital from the multimillion-dollar deal Doc had signed. He said that he has to be extremely careful while speaking about all this.

He claimed:

"Let's be very careful, especially when legality comes into play. Trust me; I've wanted to speak my mind for a long time, man. It's not being silenced by them; it is being silenced by a process we have to go through so that everything stays, anyway. Smart ones will know and figure this shit out."
"Imagine the Navy going out and getting rid of you, just out of nowhere, and then bringing in three new cadets because they say, 'man even though he's gonna turn Master Chief, like that's a big huge salary,' imagine that Rich. Thankfully, that doesn't happen to you."

If we are to look at things structurally, then these are the facts. Dr DisRespect was banned on Twitch, and after a brief delay, Ninja and Shroud joined the platform. That move alone would have taken a considerable amount for the Amazon-owned company to devote to these streamers.

At the same time, Logic signed a seven-figure deal with Twitch. A logical guess would mean Twitch banned Dr DisRespect to get past his contract and use that money to sign ("the three cadets") Ninja, Shroud, and Logic.

While this theory sounds extraordinarily complicated, it still holds water as entirely plausible. Regardless, Dr DisRespect has shown a remarkable level of resilience. For his fans, this shows how the man doesn't allow situations to force his hand. As always, he maintains a steady grasp over the internet-consuming faction of the world, and quite rightly so.

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Published 17 Oct 2020
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