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Dr. DisRespect: Three controversies that surround the former Twitch streamer

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Modified 02 Aug 2020, 17:39 IST

When you base your online personality on becoming the most outspoken streamer in the video game industry, then controversies are bound to come your way. Hence, when Dr. DisRespect gets a massive community backlash because of his 'shenanigans', then it really shouldn't come as a surprise.

Even his fans are pretty used to the troll that is often Dr. Disrespect, but that doesn't mean that his unfiltered nature has not landed him in trouble.

We discuss three of the most controversial moments that Dr. DisRespect had landed himself into in his entire streaming career.

1. Dr. DisRespect had streamed from a public bathroom at E3 2019

Image Credits: Vice

You've got to hand it to Doc; he is quite creative when it comes to creating some of the most entertaining and imaginative content in the streaming industry.

And for many of his fans, his idea to stream from the bathroom during E3 2019, was an absolute masterstroke. 

However, even if Dr. DisRespect and some of his fans thought it to be an excellent idea at the time, many didn't. The reason for that being Doc, taking no such permission to stream from the bathroom. He didn't even take the time to clear the lavatories before barging in with his camera. 

This was an extreme violation of privacy for others who had been occupying the bathroom at the time, and the backlash that he faced was severe. 


Entertainment Software Association, the body that hosts E3, terminated Dr. Disrespect's access to all of the events. And to make matters worse, even Twitch banned him for a whole two weeks.

2. DR. DisRespect and the Racism scandal

Image Credits: NextShark

A vocal filter is something that Herschel' Guy' Beahm's online personality lacks. He often plays the part of an internet troll, and even though he doesn't mean any harm with the things he does and says, some people are at times offended by the words that come out of his mouth.

Dr. DisRespect's aggressive personality doesn't allow him to think before he speaks, and he often utters the first words that come to his mind. 

He gets overexcited while playing and streaming games like Call of Duty, Valorant, and Fortnite, and you can catch him faking mock Asian accents, to flame his teammates. Worst of all, there are moments where he forgets to leave his streaming personality back at home, and he mocks people openly in public spaces.

In one such controversy, the musician and actor Jimmy Wong has gone to great lengths to explain how abusive and racist Dr. DisRespect can be on his streams. He even goes on to say that the worst part about his unfiltered nature is how he is influencing those who follow and subscribe to him, to act exactly like him.

3. Dr. DisRespect is now permanently banned from Twitch

Image Credits: Twitter

At the time of writing this article, Dr. DisRespect's permanent Twitch ban is still in play, and former Twitch streamer is yet to say a word about what he is planning for the future.

The reasons behind his June 26th, 2020 Twitch ban is also shrouded in mystery, and neither the streamer nor the streaming platform are opening up about the cause of such a drastic decision.

There has been a lot of speculation about the nature of the ban, and there were many who felt that it's just another part of the 'sexual allegation' wave that some notable streamers and professional players are being accused of in the recent months.

The cause remains uncertain, and Dr. DisRespect has also left cryptic messages behind, which might hint at a comeback in the coming months. 

Published 02 Aug 2020, 17:39 IST
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