“How to delete the tweet”: Dream mocks fans by jokingly “revealing” his YouTube income

The YouTuber mocked fans by jokingly “revealing” his YouTube income (image via Sportskeeda)
The YouTuber mocked fans by jokingly “revealing” his YouTube income (image via Sportskeeda)

Clay "Dream" has jokingly "revealed" his YouTube income and the Twitter-verse has gone crazy.

In his most recent tweet, Dream shared a screenshot of his subscriber count. The tweet showed that he had hit 27.69 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel.

However, that wasn't the talking point as the screenshot also revealed the revenue generated by his channel. His Twitter followers went crazy after seeing how much money the YouTuber made.

Dream thanks his YouTube subscribers in a tweet that jokingly revealed his estimated revenue

Dream tweeted out a "thank you" to all his subscribers on YouTube. Along with the message, the Minecraft YouTuber also shared a screenshot of his channel analytics. The image showed his current subscriber count at 27,696,696. That wasn't the only detail as it also revealed analytics like his views, watch time and estimated revenue.

The last detail is what sent his followers into a tizzy as the estimated revenue in the picture stood at a ridiculous $1,987,274,406. This meant that he was a billionaire.

Unsurprisingly, Dream was playing a joke on his followers as he shared a doctored photo and not his actual analytics from the channel. The tweet gained even more traction as his fellow YouTuber and streamer friends joined in on the fun. They went along with his prank, which was specifically aimed at his followers.

Darryl "BadBoyHalo" Noveschosch who jumped on-board, replied to Dream's tweet telling him that he should have cropped his screenshot before posting it online.

The YouTuber was quick to reply to BadBoyHalo by claiming that he doesn't know how to delete his previous tweet.

Along with BadBoyHalo, other prominent Minecraft YouTubers like Dave "Technoblade" also joined the bandwagon as he offered to give Dream a loan.

Some fans, oblivious to the fact that it was a prank, fell for it.

The Twitter-verse, however, soon realized it was a joke and hopped in on the action as they continued a little further. Fans of the YouTuber replied to his initial tweet claiming he was a billionaire with their own funny responses.

Needless to say, Dream must've felt like a mastermind after managing to fool a few people with his tweet.

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