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"Dream's fans hate him": TommyInnit under fire after claiming KSI is scared of the Dream fandom

TommyInnit recently sparked controversy with his remarks on Dream
TommyInnit recently sparked controversy with his remarks on Dream's fans
Modified 27 Mar 2021

Popular Minecraft YouTuber Thomas "TommyInnit" Simons recently courted controversy after his recent comments on the Dream fandom sparked backlash online.

The 16-year-old Minecraft sensation recently collaborated with prominent YouTuber Jeje "KSI" Olatunji on a Minecraft video, where the duo explored Dream's Minecraft server.

While the stream as a whole proved to be quite entertaining, the following remarks by TommyInnit invited criticism from the Dream fandom online:

"The reason KSI just wouldn't swear in this video is because Dream's fans f*cking hate him. KSI is scared of Dream's fans."

His remarks seemed to suggest that Dream's fans were a toxic and unreasonable bunch and invited backlash. The reason Dream's fan are a little hostile to KSI was because the YouTuber was webbed in a transphobia scandal.

Several Twitter users then began to remind TommyInnit of all the controversial things that KSI has said in the past.

"Tommy neg" trends online as Twitter calls out TommyInnit over recent KSI x Dream remark


KSI has been embroiled in the midst of a major social media storm of late. Allegations of transphobia were recently leveled against him.

The accusations against him range from using the R-word to making fun of trans people.

A Twitter user by the name of karlnappity chronicled the series of allegations against KSI in an attempt to explain why Dream's fans dislike him.


These thoughts were echoed by a large section of the online community who proceeded to call out TommyInnit over his remarks.

This resulted in "Tommy neg" trending on Twitter.

These were some reactions to his remarks on Twitter:


Other users also claimed that TommyInnit's attempts at cultivating an edgy persona similar to that of fellow streamer Jschlatt was proving to be rather costly.


He also received support from other sections of the online community.


Dream's fans were upset that TommyInnit appeared to shift attention from KSI's misdemeanors towards their supposedly "toxic" behavior.


It looks like TommyInnit's recent comments have left the internet sorely divided, with critics and supporters still duking it out online.

Update: TommyInnit recently took to Twitter to issue an apology to his fans. He stated that it was never his intention to upset or distress anyone.

Published 27 Mar 2021, 17:49 IST
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