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#DreamIsOverParty: Twitter users attempt to cancel Minecraft star Dream over his alleged use of a racial slur

Minecraft streamer Dream has found himself in the midst of controversy (Image via Dream/ YouTube)
Minecraft streamer Dream has found himself in the midst of controversy (Image via Dream/ YouTube)
Modified 26 Mar 2021

Minecraft sensation Dream is being called out on Twitter over the alleged use of a racial slur during one of his previous streams.

The faceless YouTuber found himself on Twitter's trending page for all the wrong reasons after an old YouTube stream dating back to 2017 resurfaced online. It is believed that he operated under the guise of the "DeltaNinja" username at the time.

In the stream, a player who is believed to be Dream, can be heard using a racial slur while playing a Minecraft Counter-Strike mod.

Several Twitter users even attempted to chart the history of Dream's usernames, which reportedly changed from "JewzDid911" to "NotDream" and later "LoliAbductor" over the period of 2015-2017.

The clip soon triggered a wave of protest, with several of Dream's detractors digging up various alleged controversies attached to him.

This eventually led to the hashtag #DreamIsOverParty trending on Twitter, as the beginnings of an anti-Dream crusade began to gather momentum quite rapidly.

"People are disgusting": Dream denies racial slur allegations as Twitter reacts to the controversy


Dream recently took to Twitter to slam the latest allegations against him. He vehemently denied that the person in the viral video was him.

The streamer also addressed the furor over his username, as he claimed that he never had the DeltaNinja username and that he wasn't "Dream" until 2019.

He also specifically called out the people who spread the #DreamIsOverParty hashtag.


Despite his defense, several Twitter users began using the hashtag alongside various other claims which purportedly involved Dream:


However, the lack of concrete proof soon led to his fans extending support to him.

They took to Twitter to slam the clips as fake, as they labeled it a smear campaign. They then proceeded to share screenshots of Discord messages in which Dream-antis allegedly planned to get the hashtag trending in the first place:


Another prominent Minecraft YouTuber and close friend of Dream, Darryl "BadBoyHalo" Noveschosch also defended the faceless sensation by stating that the voice in the clips doesn't even sound like him:

Despite the allegations against Dream, his fans continue to extend support towards him in unshakeable solidarity.

As critics and fans continue to duke it out online, it remains to be seen what the eventual outcome of this #DreamIsOverParty hashtag ends up being.

Published 26 Mar 2021, 08:26 IST
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