E3's "possible" GTA 6 and Elden Ring tease sends fans into a frenzy

While E3 teases the community over possible Elden Ring sighting, the latest news suggests otherwise (Image via Bandai Namco) Entertainment
While E3 teases the community over possible Elden Ring sighting, the latest news suggests otherwise (Image via Bandai Namco) Entertainment

After last year's cancelation, E3 2021 is expected to be full of surprises this June and the organization even teased the possibility of an Elden Ring showcase.

With E3 being the only centralized gaming event that happens annually, its cancelation did little to curb gamer enthusiasm. As the hype and excitement are building up around the event, E3 thought about pushing it to the next level.

In a recent Twitter post E3 made an announcement of the new partners that will be showcasing their games in the upcoming event.

However, it wasn’t the main tweet that got fans excited, it was what followed that created a buzz. E3 went ahead and doubled down on everyone’s excitement by teasing Elden Ring and Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6.

E3 teases Elden Ring and GTA 6

Sometime after making this announcement, another user replied with two images with a “please” caption. These pictures were just a means for asking whether the portrayed games will be up for showcase or not. But this was where the Elden Ring hype train began.

The images portrayed in the response were from the games Elden Ring and Shin Megami Tensei 5. Another fan responded to this by asking, “Who the guy on the left?” which referred to the picture of Elden Ring. This is where E3’s official Twitter handle came in and confirmed that the character is from Elden Ring.

Elden Ring has been much awaited by a huge number of gamers who are particularly interested in the Souls-like genre. The game has been under development since early 2017, right after the release of The Ringed City DLC of Dark Souls III.

Since its announcement and first trailer back in 2019, fans of this genre have been waiting for any new piece of information to be handed out to the public. Thus, just a bare mention of the game from the official Twitter handle of E3 has set the whole community in a frenzy of excitement.

While the fans show their enthusiasm over the dark fantasy action RPG game, another Twitter handle going by the name of “GTA 6 NEWS & LEAKS” tweeted at E3 asking whether GTA 6 will be a feature in the upcoming event or not. E3 replied to this tweet with a GIF showing William Dafoe creepily smiling.

The harsh reality

While the official Twitter handle replies in good fun and excitement, these replies, in reality, bear no correlation whatsoever with what is going to be featured in the actual event. A few days earlier, a reporter hinted that Elden Ring was most certainly not coming to E3 2021. However, it is not entirely a certain scenario, and there might be a possibility of the Elden Ring being featured this June.


On the other end, there has been no official announcement or any report whatsoever regarding Grand Theft Auto 6. While E3 engaging with the crowd is a mark of goodwill, this might lead the fans to false expectations.

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