EA has reportedly learned "valuable lessons" from Battlefield 2042 as development of a new game in the series continues

A new Battlefield game is in the making (Image via DICE)
A new Battlefield game is in the making (Image via DICE)

Battlefield 2042 hasn't been able to scratch the surface despite all the promises made by EA and DICE. The problems with the game released in 2021 have shifted from one area to another, making it a nightmare for its developers. The game was released in such a state that fans bombarded it with negative reviews on Steam. While work to improve the game continues, a new Battlefield game is in development.


When the trailer was released, fans were sold with great expectations. Battlefield 2042 made radical decisions by sticking to multiplayer only for starters. The notion of the game was to give players the experience of grotesque battles on large maps.

However, the promises have stayed unfulfilled as the game has suffered terribly from bugs and glitches. Much time has been spent fixing those, which has delayed the addition of new content. It has been known for some time that EA considers the game a miss internally.

EA is developing a new game in the series, having learned its lessons from Battlefield 2042

Will there be another Battlefield game? This has been questioned by many in recent days. Some fans feared that the damage caused by Battlefield 2042 might be too much for the franchise. However, a new game is in pre-production as per reliable industry insider Tom Henderson.

Henderson has stated that EA is doing everything they can to ensure that the new game works. He further mentioned an internal source associated with the project about the developers' lessons. The chances are that DICE might revert from many things that haven't worked.

Specialists and the 128 player battles haven't made the players happy. The maps have also been an area of concern, and DICE has promised to rework them.

A recent playtest has now focused on the class system. Many players believe that the class system would have been a better alternative to the existing specialist system. The specialist system was brought to Battlefield 2042, and it could be the end of the road for it.

Henderson said the new Battlefield 2042 game would retain its modern and futuristic setting. More information will eventually be revealed as the development cycle proceeds further.

Will Battlefield 2042 be scrapped prematurely?

Some have asked this question even before today's news came out. The game has had many problems, which has led to player dissatisfaction. The player count has now come down to new lows, which makes the situation serious for the game.

As far as content is concerned, DICE is yet to release Season One content. In simpler terms, Ultimate Edition owners are yet to receive the content they paid extra for.

Four battle passes and four specialists are two things that DICE will have to add as per their commitments. There's also a map called Exposure that's on its way. Henderson has stated that while a part of the team is working on a new project, the content will still be arriving in Battlefield 2042.

New vehicles and weapons will be added to the existing game throughout its development cycle. One optimism about the game has been the portal mode, and Ripple Effect is doing more work on it. It remains to be seen if all this work would bring back the players who have given up on the game.

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