EA Sports unveils the FC Pro Esports ecosystem for EA FC 24: All events, rewards, and more

FC Pro is a brand new Esports circuit for EA FC 24 (Image via EA Sports)
FC Pro is a brand new Esports circuit for EA FC 24. (Image via EA Sports)

EA FC 24 is the first installment in the EA Sports FC franchise, and this change heralds new beginnings in the world of competitive gameplay as well, with FC Pro being the brand-new Esports ecosystem. This new system provides even more inclusivity for gamers around the globe, offering even more enticing rewards and showcasing plenty of promise for the future of the series.

The FC Pro framework consists of three major segments: FC Pro Open, FC Pro League, and FC Pro World Championship. These events will work in unison and eventually determine who the best and most skilled EA FC 24 players in the world are.

The FC Pro circuit is a brand new Esports ecosystem introduced in EA FC 24

Similar to the competitive Esports competitions held in recent years, FC Pro is also exclusive to EA FC 24 gameplay on the PlayStation 5. This allows gamers to compete at the peak of their abilities and fully utilize the plethora of new features and game mechanics added this year. The circuit kicks off in October, with FC Pro Open allowing the best players in the world to compete against each other.

All three segments of the professional circuit this year have their own unique themes and rewards and will have their own role to play in determining who wins the ultimate prize at the end of the season.

FC Pro Open (October 2023 - February 2024)

This is arguably the most inclusive addition to competitive Esports in the history of the franchise. Newcomers can battle against veterans of the series by qualifying for Division 4 in Division Rivals before the final cutoff date, which will allow them to compete in Pro Ladder games.

The top-ranked athletes from ten regions across the globe will then be brought together in London to compete for a $1 million cumulative prize pool.

FC Pro Leagues (February 2024- May 2024)

FC Pro Leagues is an excellent way for EA Sports to integrate their partnerships with various footballing leagues into their Esports ecosystem. It is an invite-only for EA FC 24 pros representing iconic football clubs from some of the best leagues in the sport, including the Premier League, La Liga, and more.

Not only will these competitors face off against one another for exciting rewards and regional bragging rights, but they will also be vying for positions in the final FC Pro World Championship.

FC Pro World Championship (June 2024)

This is the final stop in the FC Pro circuit and serves as the culmination of all the previous events in the game cycle. It is the pinnacle of professional EA FC 24 Esports and will feature the 32 best virtual athletes over the course of the season, competing for a share of the $1 million prize pool as well as for the title of the very first FC Pro World Champion.

Four of these 32 players will be selected from the FC Pro Open, while 28 will be selected from the FC Pro Leagues. This is an extremely streamlined and well-planned approach to crown the first FC Pro champion in EA FC 24.

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