Elder Scrolls Online in April: Jester's Festival, bonus daily log-in goodies, and more

Jesters are creepy (Image via Zenimax Online Studios)
Jesters are creepy (Image via Zenimax Online Studios)
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MMORPGs like Elder Scrolls Online are no strangers to hosting special events to commemorate special occasions that take place in real life. Titled Jester's Festival, this event incorporates every bit of odd mischief that goes on in Tamriel, all for the sake of some lighthearted fun.

Much like the Super Adventure Box in Guild Wars 2, the activities at Jester's Festival make no sense, but they're fun and offer a much-needed break from the world-ending chaos of Elder Scrolls Online.

Jester's Festival is Elder Scrolls Online's most self-aware event


It makes sense that an event that was reportedly propagated by Sheogorath would be as weird as the Prince of Madness himself. Jester's Festival, also known as the Festival of Fools, is an event where everyone in Tamriel engages in silly pranks and practical jokes, mocking the powerful and throwing pies at each other.

In the realm of the game, however, this event translates into very simple activities that one can do daily to get some unique, and frankly, out-of-theme loot. Jester's Festival has been live on Elder Scrolls Online for the last 5 years and the overall gameplay loop has remained more or less unchanged.

When the event begins, players will be instructed to go to their respective allied cities, where a Jester dressed as their alliance leader will be present. These jesters will ask players to complete an introductory quest to receive a Pie of Misrule memento. Eating this pie will grant players a 2-hour-long double XP buff that can be refreshed every time it runs out. And yes, it stacks with other XP bonuses.

I don't have a smart reply for this one (Image via Zenimax Online Studios)
I don't have a smart reply for this one (Image via Zenimax Online Studios)

Other than the memento, each time players complete a menial daily task given by the jester leaders, they will get a Jester's Festival Box. However, the first box of the day will be Stupendous Jester's Festival Box, which contains increased rewards with a chance of something rare.

These boxes can contain various trophies and prank items such as Festive Dazzlers, Cherry Blossom Confetti, Revelry Pies, Festive Furnishings, Jester's Festival Provisioning Recipes, sellable Stealies, and brand-new Cadwell's Surprise Box memento. Most of these gag items will not affect one's experience with Elder Scrolls Online, but it might be a good idea to get the provisioning recipes.

The Stupendous Jester's Festival Box contains all of the previously mentioned items but also includes some collectible fragments, a non-combat pet, and two outfit styles. The Second Seed outfit style is making its debut, so the collectors will need to work a bit to get everything done.

Finally, something that isn't dead (Image via Zenimax Online Studios)
Finally, something that isn't dead (Image via Zenimax Online Studios)

Elder Scrolls players can use the tickets won from the event to redeem cosmetics throughout 2022

Each year, Elder Scrolls Online releases cosmetic items that players can collect through events such as Whitestrake's Mayhem and Daedric War Celebrations. The Jester Festival is no exception.

Throughout the seven-day runtime, players will be able to claim 24 event tickets that can be redeemed for 2022's exclusive cosmetics. Players will get three event tickets whenever they turn in their first daily Jester's Festival quest.

Yeah, you would ride this lion into battle (Image via Zenimax Online Studios)
Yeah, you would ride this lion into battle (Image via Zenimax Online Studios)

These event tickets can be redeemed at the Impresario for the Scales of Akatosh skin and the Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet, as well as account-bound Second Seed style pages and more. However, players should note that they can only hold 12 tickets at a time, so they should remember to redeem the missing items before turning in a quest.

Elder Scrolls Online is also bringing some quality changes to the daily login rewards. Since the MMO encountered some server issues in March, ESO will be giving away some extra XP bonus scrolls throughout April.

Everyone loves a pet dragon (Image via Zenimax Online Studios)
Everyone loves a pet dragon (Image via Zenimax Online Studios)

The developers are also adding a much larger amount of gold as a login bonus than in previous months. The most important inclusion is that on the 10th and 21st login, players will get a White Lion mount and a houseguest respectively. I have to say, the mount looks good, so try to get that one.

Grab your Dazzlers, #ESOFam. Jester’s Festival has officially arrived in Tamriel! 🎆 Here’s how to get started on your mischief making:

Jester's Festival will run for 7 days, players should be ready to farm

Truth be told, the content machine in Elder Scrolls Online is moving faster than in previous years. It's barely been two weeks since the launch of Ascending Tides, the first DLC of the Legacy of the Bretons storyline.

The next step in the story is the much-awaited High Isle expansion, which is two months away. We might be getting another holiday event in the interim, maybe the Anniversary Jubilee.

The Jester's Festival is now live, so put on a smile and enjoy a week of double XP in Elder Scrolls Online. But most importantly, have fun and take it easy while you play.

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