Elon Musk’s Las Vegas loop suffers traffic jam in hilarious turn of events, internet loses it

Elon Musk's tunnel has people divided (Image via YouTube/TED)
Elon Musk's tunnel has people divided (Image via YouTube/TED)

A recent demo of Elon Musk's Las Vegas loop has the internet split over the practicality and efficiency of the infrastructure, sparking many arguments and debate.

In January 2022, a video spread throughout social media of an individual stuck in a traffic jam inside the Las Vegas tunnel. The owner of the video can be heard in conversation with the driver of the Tesla vehicle they are seated in, asking various questions about the tunnel and its functionality.

Elon Musk's Las Vegas Convention Centre Loop experiences traffic

Elon Musk's much-anticipated loop infrastructure system has become quite the controversial matter, after a January 2022 video of it experiencing a traffic jam caused much debate.

The owner of the video was taking a ride in the loop, via a Tesla car driven by someone else. The driver was seemingly a regular in the loop, answering any doubts that the passenger had.

At one point, the passenger made a comment on the amount of traffic the loop had accumulated, later asking if it was common. To this, the driver answered,

"No- I think what's happening is- the South Hall, the building doors are closed. So no one's going to that, so I think what's going on is that it's just these two [gesturing towards current loop and adjacent loop] and that's why it's just constantly.."

The passenger asked why the doors were closed to the South Hall. The driver responded,

"I don't know.. well, like, the building itself isn't closed, just the entrance doors are locked. I don't know why.. so."

Supposedly, the passenger will be able to be dropped off at South Hall, where their vehicle is parked. However, the driver was unsure if they were allowed to pick people up from the location.

Internet reacts to Elon Musk's loop system experiencing traffic

The video went viral on several subreddits, including the main Elon Musk community, where his followers reacted to the news. Many of them claimed the jam was minimal, beating regular road traffic.

When a user of r/SubredditDrama brought attention to the issue, however, the tune completely changed. Users felt it was quite an unnecessary contraption and possibly even a dangerous venue in case an emergency were to happen.

As such, opinions seem split on Musk's new venture. The side opposing its existence brought up the example of trains (or a subway system), which eliminates traffic caused by cars and carries a larger number of passengers.

The loops are associated with The Boring Company, which was originally a subsidiary of SpaceX until it separated to become its own organization, founded by Musk himself.

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Edited by Mason J. Schneider
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