Emiru greeted by OTK birthday entourage while watching previous day's clip of the same

Emiru receives a well-timed birthday surprise from her fellow OTK members (Image via EMI MIZZY CLIPPYS/YouTube)
Emiru receives a well-timed birthday surprise from her fellow OTK members (Image via EMI MIZZY CLIPPYS/YouTube)
Riddhima Pal

Popular Twitch cosplay streamer Emiru recently celebrated her 24th birthday yesterday, January 3, 2021. The streamer also recently became Mizkif's One True King's newest member, so the organization made sure to celebrate her birthday in style, not once but twice!

Happy Birthday to our newest member @emiru !!! πŸ₯³πŸŽ‚

During a recent livestream, Emiru was sitting and watching OTK's celebration vlog for her birthday. In a strange coincidence, she was suddenly serenaded by her fellow OTK members, who came into her room singing "Happy Birthday!"

Emiru left embarrassed after fellow OTK members serenade her

Emiru is a popular cosplay Twitch streamer who rose to prominence in 2021 when she collaborated with Mizkif and his organization OTK several times. Late in 2021, the streamer even moved into Mizkif's OTK home, since she was under the threat of stalkers. This raised a few eyebrows, but the streamer chose to remain silent during the entire debate.

On her birthday this year, Emiru was announced as the newest member of OTK, and naturally, the organization celebrated her birthday in style.


Emiru was reacting to this video on her livestream when suddenly, the OTK boys, including Mizkif and several others, barged into her room singing "Happy Birthday." The cosplay streamer was left covering her face in embarrassment as she kept laughing.

"What the f**k! Why? Why? Why?"

The incident was also very well timed since Emiru had just reached the part in the video where the other streamers were about to sing the birthday song for her when the OTK boys barged in to do the exact same thing. It also prompted plenty of laughter from her Twitch chat.

Emiru recently got Mizkif an adorable Christmas gift

As the holiday season just got over, Mizkif shared a glimpse of Emiru's adorable Christmas present for him. He opened several of his presents live, and luckily for fans, Emiru's gift was one of them.

He was left awestruck when he unwrapped the present and it turned out to be a digital painting of Mizkif and his crew. The streamer as well as his fans agreed that the gift was absolutely adorable and Emiru could be seen jumping with glee in the background.

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