"What the hell": Mizkif taken aback by Emiru's one-of-a-kind gift for Christmas

Mizkif was ecstatic to see the adorable painting he received as a gift from Emiru (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mizkif was ecstatic to see the adorable painting he received as a gift from Emiru (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Twitch streamer Mizkif received the shock of a lifetime when fellow streamer and roommate Emiru gifted him a one-of-a-kind drawing involving him and his friends for Christmas.

As it's the holidays, many streamers have provided some amazing presents for Mizkif. Fans have witnessed some of them as the popular streamer has opened them on stream. However, he reserved his best reaction for his roommate when she arrived with an adorable painting for him.

Mizkif astounded by Emiru's Christmas gift for him

During his recent stream, Mizkif was pleasantly surprised by his roommate Emiru, who arrived with a gift for the holidays.

As she gave him the gift-wrapped present, Mizkif was confused about what it could be. After tearing the wrapper a bit, his reaction changed to elation after he got a small glimpse of the gift.

"What the hell? How the hell did you get this?"

As he went through the wrapper, he was getting more excited, which made Emiru happy as well. However, fans still hadn't seen what the gift was.

Emiru's adorable gift for Mizkif (Image via Twitch/Mizkif)
Emiru's adorable gift for Mizkif (Image via Twitch/Mizkif)

But after removing all the wrapping, Mizkif's jaw dropped and he then turned the gift to reveal an adorable digital drawing of Mizkif and his crew.

Mizkif continued to joke about how Emiru got her hands on the drawing as fans in his chat agreed that it looked cute.

"Did you get this in the mall today? Where did you get it? No way Emi, what the f***?"

The drawing contains the animated avatars of Mizkif, Nmplol, Sodapoppin, Emiru and others along with the Peepo emote right at the center.


Mizkif gets suspicious about Wantep's gift for him

Unlike Emiru's gift for the holiday, Mizkif wasn't too confident about a present from fellow streamer Wantep, when the former was streaming with Alinity.

As he dug in through the box, Mizkif believed the present to be a glitter bomb, thanks to the sketchy nature of the box and Wantep's love for practical jokes.

"It's a glitter bomb, 100%, it's a glitter bomb. Do not open this.

This led to him giving the box to OTK Co-Founder Rich Campbell. However, after Campbell broke through the present, he was shocked to find out that Wantep had sent him a pair of customized sneakers with Mizkif and the Peepo emote inscribed on it.

After much deliberation between Rich Campbell and Mizkif, the former gave it back.

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